Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1484 1

    Chapter 1484 He Came Every Night Part Fifteen

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    Xuxu glanced at Su Yue and she smiled rather helplessly. She turned to face Lei Yong. "President Lei, if there is nothing else, we would like to have our meal now."

    Although she was smiling, her tone clearly showed that she wanted to end the conversation.

    Lei Yong nodded politely. "Please go ahead."

    He turned around and departed.

    Bai Jing glanced at Xuxu and the corners of her mouth sank sadly.

    She turned around too and trailed after Lei Yong.

    Xuxu watched as they left. She tore her eyes away from them and glanced at Su Yue. "Yueyue, whats wrong with you and Bai Jing?"

    "Nothing much. She is going abroad soon, isnt she?" Su Yue muttered as she avoided Xuxus eyes.

    Xuxu raised an eyebrow. "Are you angry with her for leaving you behind?"

    Su Yue shook her head and answered, "No."

    She hung her head to hide her face. She felt guilty and didnt dare to look at Xuxu in the eye.

    If one-day Third sister-in-law found out about the truth, would she blame her? Would she be disappointed or enraged?

    Xuxu had no idea what Su Yue was thinking of. "Your third brother and I have discussed and we decided to send her abroad. If she continues to stay here, she can never leave the Lei family. They will hinder her."

    Su Yue raised her head in surprise, and she looked visibly emotional.

    Xuxu smiled. "Going abroad is for her own good. We have her best interests."

    "Third sister-in-law youre so nice." Su Yue sniffed and pressed her lips.

    Third sister-in-law was too nice to Bai Jing.

    How could Bai Jing have ulterior motives towards her third brother? What if she didnt lose her way and bump into them?

    Then what would happen to Third Brother and Third sister-in-law?

    She brought Bai Jing to the event that day. If Bai Jing had succeeded in seducing her third brother, she could never forgive herself.

    Xuxu stretched her hand and stroked Su Yues hair. "Silly lass, dont be angry anymore. If you ignore her, she will be sad."

    "I got it," Su Yue agreed, nodding her head.

    She took a sip of the water, looking troubled.

    Bai Jing how she wished that she would be the old Bai Jing that she knew.

    After they left the restaurant, Bai Jing hastened her footsteps.

    Lei Yong caught up with her and grabbed Bai Jings elbow after a short distance. "Whats wrong? Did you fall out with that illegitimate daughter?"

    There was a long pause

    Bai Jing flung Lei Yongs hand away and ignored his question. She quickened her footsteps.

    Her eyes were gleaming with coldness.

    She balled her hands into fists that her fingernails dug into her flesh.

    No! Dont come to our house! Im staying at my brothers place

    Forget about being best friends or sisters forever.

    Bai Jings expression turned sinister.

    Lei Yong darted to block her path, but she raised her head and looked like she was about to murder him.

    Lei Yong slightly shuddered when he met her eyes.

    He was momentarily startled before narrowing his eyes. "Are you plotting something recently?"

    Bai Jing blinked and smiled innocently. "Second Brother, what do you think I am trying to do?"

    Lei Yong scoffed coldly. "Bai Jing, youre a tough one."

    "Stop wasting time, mom is waiting for us," said Bai Jing as she swept past Lei Yong.

    Lei Yong followed her closely and said, "You should treat us as your family. We should stand united. If the Lei family is doing well, you will stand to benefit too."