Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1483

    Chapter 1483 He Came Every Night Part Fourteen

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    Su Yue bought nothing. No matter what Xuxu pointed at, she looked disinterested and merely shook her head.

    In the afternoon, they ate at a restaurant in the mall.

    The shopping mall was the most luxurious mall in the capital city. All wealthy people came here to buy world-class brands.

    Xuxu had grown up with the Yan family, so she knew most of the wealthy families in the capital city. It was nearing Chinese New Year and the shopping frenzy had begun.

    They had bumped into countless familiar faces that day.

    Xuxu tried to avoid as many as she could, those that she didnt manage to, she fled after greeting them.

    In the posh Western restaurant, they got a corner table. But to no avail, acquaintances still spotted her.

    "Third Madam Yan."

    A middle-aged man walked enthusiastically towards her.

    Xuxu smiled politely. "President Zhang, you are here for lunch?"

    The man smiled happily and said, "Im here with my wife and children."

    "Third Madam Yan, you havent had lunch?" President Zhang didnt give her a chance to speak, and he suggested politely, "Can I have the honor of giving you a treat?"

    Xuxu kicked Su Yue under the table.

    Su Yue immediately understood and she frowned at President Zhang. "I dont like to eat with a group of people."

    President Zhang was awkward and he smiled at Su Yue. "This must be Miss Su Yue."

    "She is my sister, Su Yue," Xuxu answered politely and smiled apologetically. "Sorry President Zhang, Yueyue isnt too comfortable with strangers."

    "Next time then" President Zhang couldnt hide his disappointment.

    Xuxu smiled and the man departed.

    Their food arrived.

    "Third Madam Yan, Miss Su, what a coincidence."

    Su Yue and Xuxu had barely started eating when someone strode over.

    They both turned their heads at the same time, and their expressions changed instantly, too.

    "President Lei, what a coincidence." Xuxu placed her cutlery back on the table before faking a stiff smile at Lei Yong.

    When she saw the girl behind him, her expression softened instantly.

    Lei Yong walked up to them and his eyes scanned the table of food. He glanced at Su Yue and politely said, "Its the holidays, and I kept urging Xiaojing to invite Miss Su over to our place. But Miss Su had rejected our invitation."

    Su Yue bowed her head and avoided Lei Yongs gaze. Actually, she was trying to avoid Bai Jing.

    They used to be close friends who could talk about everything under the sun. Now, she didnt even know how to face her and she didnt want to.

    Xuxu smiled at Lei Yong and answered on Su Yues behalf. "Other than Bai Jing, Su Yue isnt familiar with any of your family members. She would be awkward there. Bai Jing can come to our place instead."

    Su Yue protested hastily. "No! Dont come to our house! Im staying at my brothers place."

    She didnt want Bai Jing to go to their house. She didnt want her to even look at her third brother.

    Her response startled both Xuxu and Bai Jing.

    Bai Jing, who was hiding behind Lei Yong, fell silent as her eyes gleamed coldly.

    She hid her face from view, successfully hiding her emotions.

    Xuxu assumed that they had merely bickered and that Su Yue was still angry with Bai Jing.

    But it wasnt the right time to give her a piece of advice.