Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1482 1

    Chapter 1482 He Came Every Night Part Thirteen

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    Meiduo was speechless

    She was originally feeling melancholic when Su Yues words cracked her up. She curled her lips into a weak smile. You dont have to take care of him. Ming Anshengs family there will be someone to take care of him since there are so many servants. You wont need to.

    Su Yue coldly replied, But he is still Ming Anshengs son. That is a fact. So I refuse.

    Meiduo smiled and she steered the topic away. Su Yue, Ming Ansheng is seriously unwell. And he refuses to go to the hospital. Chinese New Year is coming

    Su Yue bowed her head and muttered under her breath, He is always like this.

    Before, he refused to take medicine too.

    Just like a child, he was willful and enjoyed throwing tantrums in that way.

    Meiduo sighed quietly to herself.

    Indeed, he was always

    He had assumed that he would get his grandfathers concern and pity if he got sick.

    If he didnt take medicine or get admitted to the hospital, he thought that his grandfather would relent and give in to him.

    But time after time, he was the one who suffered.

    After umpteen times, he should have lost all hope in gaining pity from his grandfather.

    So he was using this method to gain pity from someone else.

    Meiduo glanced at Su Yue and deliberated, Actually he isnt that strong and mature. Sometimes he can get a little childish.

    Su Yue interrupted her. You dont have to tell me how well you know him.

    She sounded furious and jealous. She was really jealous.

    Meiduo was startled as she stared at Su Yue. Do you honestly think Im such a person?

    Su Yue bit her straw and hid her face from view by hanging her head low. She didnt answer.

    She knew that Meiduo loved Ming Ansheng and that she was his first love. Now, she even brought their child back.

    Despite that, she still didnt dislike her.

    Since she knew was that they were forced to break up against their will.

    She even felt pity for her sometimes.

    Being forced to leave the man she loved, she must have suffered.

    She and Ming Ansheng had just gotten together, and she felt that she was being smothered at the thought of leaving him.

    Su Yue didnt reply and Meiduo smiled. She was truly happy and relieved.

    She quipped, So you need to visit him and advise him to go to the hospital. His stomach is acting up once more.

    Youve overestimated me. Su Yue scoffed coldly at Meiduo. Im not as important as you think.

    If that wasnt the case, why didnt he look for her at all?

    He didnt even call or text her.

    Actually, at his age, he would have weighed the pros and cons properly. Furthermore, he was such a mature and level-headed guy.

    He had a four-year-old son and that should delight him.

    Jealousy consumed Su Yue once more, and her eyes turned red.

    Meiduo sat in silence too, looking composed and unruffled.

    Su Yue was having a hard time trying to put on a facade by pretending to be unruffled by everything.

    My third sister-in-law is waiting for me. I need to go. Su Yue couldnt take it any longer, and she didnt want to look at her anymore.

    She picked up her drink and stood up.

    After she bade Meiduo goodbye, she left without another word.

    Meiduo gazed at Su Yues tiny figure and a bitter smile played at the corners of her mouth. She gripped her fingers tightly.

    After Su Yue met Meiduo, she lost all interest in shopping.