Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1481 5

    Chapter 1481 He Came Every Night Part Twelve

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    She didnt greet her and sounded rather aloof.

    Meiduo walked to Su Yue and she propped an elbow on the counter, looking lazy. Meiduo smiled lightly. "I like it when you address me as Sister Meiduo."

    Sister Sister

    Su Yue unconsciously thought of those palace dramas where concubines who entered the palace first were the older sisters. She pursed her lips. "You are not my sister."

    At that moment, her eyes turned red so she turned her face away from Meiduo.

    Meiduo stopped teasing her and told the waiter. "A glass of lemon water."

    "I want orange juice." Su Yue took out her purse to pay.

    All the other seats seemed taken, so they randomly chose two seats.

    Su Yue settled herself against the chair and sat across Meiduo.

    Meiduo had long loose curls and it seemed as though she had voluminous hair. But on closer inspection, her hair seemed to thin down.

    But she could dress herself up well.

    "Ming Ansheng is sick," said Meiduo suddenly.

    Su Yue heard her and her heart skipped a beat. She grunted before bowing her head.

    Meiduo glanced at her and asked gently, "Arent you going to visit him?"

    "What are you trying to do?" Su Yue raised her head and frowned at her. She seemed to question Meiduo.

    She brought his child back. Wasnt she planning to reconcile with him?

    She really couldnt understand why she was asking her to visit him now.

    Meiduo answered, "He is unwilling to accept treatment and medicine. Perhaps he will if you visit him."

    Su Yue coldly answered, "He has you."

    Her juice arrived and she absent-mindedly stirred it.

    She wasnt in the mood to drink.

    Her mind and heart were all over the place.

    Meiduo sighed heavily. "If I could convince him, I wouldnt have come looking for you."

    She bowed her head and gave a rather sarcastic smile.

    Her slender fingers were holding the straw and she too was absentmindedly stirring her drink.

    Su Yue rejected her without hesitation. "Im not going."

    "Actually" Meiduo pressed her lips as though she was forcing herself. She contemplated briefly before saying, "Actually, all I want is for you to accept the child that is all."

    She looked at Su Yue seriously in the eyes. Her eyes twinkling with expectation, guilt, and sorrow.

    Su Yue peered at her and solemnly asked, "What about you?"

    She just needed to accept the child? She wasnt getting back with Ming Ansheng?

    Then why did she bring the child back?

    Meiduo gazed at Su Yue and her eyes were getting watery. She pressed her lips tightly and she seemed to shiver.

    As though she was suppressing all her emotions.

    Was she going to cry? Su Yue frowned when she noticed Meiduos expression.

    What was this woman trying to do? She was the one who looked for her. And now she seemed so pitiful.

    She raised her chin and coldly answered, "Im not the childs mother. I dont want such a big child. Im still so young."

    She must be afraid that she would snatch Uncle Ming away.

    Sigh.She had no idea why Meiduo was so worried. They were each others first love and they were forced to break up. But now that they have a child and they would certainly end up together again.

    Why was she still so afraid?

    Su Yue raised the glass and took a sip in a bid to appear nonchalant.