Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1480 5

    Chapter 1480 He Came Every Night Part Eleven

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    When they heard her, Su Yue and Xuxu were both startled.

    Su Yue looked up at her before bowing her head and kicking the floor.

    Meiduo didnt look at Xuxus reaction. She stared at Su Yue and smiled. "Su Yue, youre not scared of me, right?"

    Her gentle tone and the soft look in her eyes showed that she meant no harm.

    She was still as frank and genuine as ever.

    Although they werent close back then, they had interacted a few times. Meiduo was a pretty good person. She didnt change much the past few yearsshe was still so straightforward.

    Her presence was comforting.

    Xuxu fell into a reverie as she looked at Meiduo.

    Su Yue and Meiduo were of completely different personalities.

    Did Ming Anshengs taste change after so many years?

    If Professor Mu and you both fell into the sea, I would choose to save you first

    Suddenly, Yan Rushengs words floated into her mind. She retracted her gaze and lowered her head with a smile.

    Perhaps they didnt love each other deeply enough back then. How else would they have broken up so easily?

    When he was with Meiduo, they could date normally.

    But with Yueyue, every step came with hesitation and struggle and all kinds of moral dilemmas.

    So now, the one having the hardest time was Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue looked up and frowned at Meiduo. "Why would I be afraid of you?"

    Her act of indifference and arrogance was so innocent in Meiduos eyes.

    Meiduo chuckled. "Thats good. Do you mind having a conversation with me then?"

    Xuxu smiled, choosing not to interfere.

    She thought she had given Su Yue so much advice. It was time for her to face her problems herself.

    Su Yue kept her eyebrows furrowed. "What do you want to talk about?"

    Meiduo raised her eyebrow with a smile. "What else?"

    She stared at Su Yue, failing to treat her as a mature adult, a woman.

    Never did she imagine that a matured and steady man would fall for a a young lass that looked like she was still in middle school.

    Perhaps his growing-up years were too complicated. Maybe he was looking for a pure and innocent relationship.

    Meiduos thoughts were racing.

    Su Yue pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

    Xuxu smiled and said, "There is a dessert shop at the entrance. You guys can go ahead. Ill walk around."

    Meiduo nodded. "Sure."

    Su Yue frowned at Xuxu. "Third sister-in-law"

    She instinctively stretched out her hands to grab Xuxus sleeve.

    Before Xuxu could say anything, Meiduo cut in, "Su Yue, didnt you say that youre not afraid of me."

    "I didnt say that Im afraid of you," Su Yue bit back. She turned around and headed towards the entrance.

    Meiduo watched her child-like back view and shook her head, amused. She followed after her.

    Her high heels produced a sound as she walked, and it sounded so graceful and refined.

    Su Yue entered the dessert shop. Although there were many people, there was a right amount of silent.

    It seemed like all the patrons of the mall were posh and cultured. Even if they werent, at a place like this, they had to act like they were.

    They talked softly and covered their mouths when they laughed, showing off their manicured nails.

    Su Yue entered and walked to the counter.

    "Welcome," the staff greeted.

    Su Yue turned around to ask Meiduo, "What do you want to drink?"