Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1479

    Chapter 1479 He Came Every Night Part Ten

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    There were no regulations that stated cars with unregistered car plate numbers werent allowed into the carpark. So, he didnt have a reason to ask so many questions.

    Ming Ansheng played with the lighter in his hand while he waited for the security guard to leave. He looked upwards and heaved a heavy sigh.

    Aish Why did he come here every night?

    He didnt know either. Perhaps he was closer to Yueyue this way, even though he couldnt see her.

    If he wasnt worthy of her, he would stand the closest he could to her, and watch her grow up.

    During the weekend, Xuxu drove over to pick Su Yue up.

    Xuxu picked the most luxurious mall in the capital city, and she felt the difference once she entered.

    She didnt pursue luxury.

    But she had to give Su Yue the best.

    Since it was a festive period, people crowded the mall even though it was full of luxury stores.

    Although it wasnt as noisy as a typical mall, there were people everywhere.

    "Hey, cant you say something nicer?"

    "Yes, yes. Your boyfriend is really handsome, alright?"

    Two girls were chatting happily in front of them, and Xuxu looked over. They were fifteen or sixteen, a drink in their hands as they carried a backpack. They bantered as they walked.

    Suddenly, Xuxu recalled something. She asked, "Yueyue, why havent you been in contact with Bai Jing recently?"

    Although Su Yue was always at Su Yans place, Su Yan told Xuxu that Bai Jing never visited Su Yuenot even once.

    Su Yue could always talk to Bai Jing about anything. There was no reason for Su Yue to keep the whole Ming Ansheng incident from her.

    If Bai Jing knew, why didnt she visit Yueyue since it was the holidays?

    "Shes very busy," Su Yue replied. Then she bowed her head.

    Xuxu frowned at her. "You fought?"

    "No." Su Yue shook her head. Then she pointed at a luxury store and grabbed Xuxu, saying, "That outfit on the mannequin looks good. Third sister-in-law, lets go over. I want to try it on."

    With her change of subject, Xuxu was even more certain that she had a tiff with Bai Jing.

    But she didnt ask her about it. She only advised, "Yueyue, Bai Jing will go overseas after Chinese New Year. You should spend more time with her."

    Su Yue released her grip on Xuxus elbow and nodded gently. "Alright."

    Much to her dismay, deep down, she was sad.

    Xuxu observed her reaction and pressed her lips. Then she smiled and said, "That outfit indeed looks good. You should try it on."

    She dragged Su Yue towards the store.


    When they reached the entrance of the store, someone called out to her from behind them. It was a female voice.

    Xuxu turned around to see a thin, slender woman wearing a black tight-fitting long skirt walking towards them.

    She had thin makeup on. Although she was pretty, upon careful observation, she didnt look too good.

    She drew closer and shock flashed across Xuxus eyes when she recognized her. "Meiduo?"

    Meiduo stopped in front of them and smiled. "I didnt think that youd be able to recognize me after so many years."

    Xuxu smiled. "You havent changed much. But youve lost a lot of weight."

    "Youre here to buy clothes?" Meiduo asked before looking at Su Yue.

    "Yes." Xuxu nodded. When she saw Meiduo looking at Su Yue, she pulled her over and introduced, "This is my younger sister, Su Yue."

    "Weve met," Meiduo said with a smile. "Actually, I followed both of you here because I wanted to have a talk with Su Yue."

    Her tone and the smile on her face was genuine.