Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1478 1

    Chapter 1478 He Came Every Night Part Nine

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    She thought that he would stop there, but after a moment of silence, he seemed to have suddenly recalled something. So he turned to look at her. "Wen Xuxu, I didnt know that you were so smug to call me yours."

    This time, he intentionally raised his voice, resulting in echoes.

    Then he slowed his pace.

    Xuxu ignored him.

    He nodded. "Thats right, Im yours. My entire body from head to toe, every strand of hair on my body belongs to you."

    "Lecherous and despicable," Xuxu commented. Annoyed, she patted his buttocks once. "Faster."

    Yan Rusheng mischievously said, "Wife, I didnt know that youre so eager to ride me It seems like youre addicted to being in control after the night I was drunk."

    His statement had Xuxu dumbfounded.

    She had wanted to ridicule him, but he succeeded at turning things around and making a fool out of her instead.

    She was better off remaining silent.

    But why was he walking so slow?

    Could it be that he enjoyed this feeling, just like her?

    Finally, they reached their car. Yan Rusheng placed Xuxu onto the ground.

    Xuxu started digging out the car keys from her bag.

    Suddenly, Yan Rusheng grabbed her waist with one hand and supported the back of her head with the other. He bent down and kissed her on the lips.

    She didnt have time to react. She widened her eyes and stared at his handsome face in confusion.

    Yan Rusheng only let go of her when both of them were almost out of breath. Xuxu frowned and asked in confusion, "What was that for?"

    She felt that something was amiss. It was too sudden.

    "Tormenting someone through public display of affection!" Young Master Yan arrogantly rolled his eyes at Xuxu before taking the keys from her and unlocking the car.

    He opened the door and got into the car.

    "Torment someone?" Xuxu asked. However, Yan Rusheng had already gotten into the car.

    She hurriedly jogged to the front passenger seat and got into the car. As she buckled her seatbelt, she asked, "What do you mean? Torment who?"

    The car had already started. Yan Rusheng was gripping the steering wheel when he flashed her a cold and sarcastic smirk.

    It confused Xuxu even more. What did this fellow have up his sleeve?

    After the champagne-colored Bentley disappeared from view, the man in the black Mercedes got out of the car and disposed of his cigarette butt.

    He stared intently at the exit of the carpark.

    Being with someone you love is always bliss. And although his relationship with Yueyue was short, they were still blissful too.

    His white shirt was crumpled from sitting too long, but it didnt affect his charisma and appearance.

    He leaned against the car door with one hand tucked into his pocket and the other playing with a silver lighter.

    "Sir, are you not a resident here?"

    The security guard on patrol walked over to him and asked politely.

    "No." Ming Ansheng shook his head.

    He stared at his lighter, not looking up at him.

    "But" The security guard hesitated before adding, "I always see your car entering the carpark in our district."

    He chose the indirect approach, hoping that Ming Ansheng would understand what he was hinting at.

    Of course, Ming Ansheng understood him, but he didnt explain himself. He raised his eyebrow and asked him coolly, "Did I not pay the parking fees?"

    "No, no. Of course not." The security guard foolishly smiled and shook his head. He then left in a hurry.

    Why would the small parking fee concern him when he was driving such an expensive car?