Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1313 9

    Chapter 1313 An Unforgettable Night Part Sixteen

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    Su Yue was staring at them innocently.

    Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were speechless

    When did she enter? How did they not realize?

    While they were still in confusion, the lift doors opened.

    Su Yue brushed past the both of them, giving Yan Rusheng a contemptuous glance.

    Hey! This little lass!

    Yan Rusheng pressed his lips together as he watched her walk past them, but no words left his mouth.

    This time, he really didnt realize that Su Yue was there. But Xuxu didnt believe him. She thought that he was devoid of moral principles.

    "Yan Rusheng, youre too shameless." Xuxu stepped on his foot angrily. She then stormed out of the lift, walking towards their room.

    Yan Rusheng froze in the lift and only came to his senses when the lift doors were about to close. He hurriedly pressed theopenbutton and rushed after them.

    "Wife," he called after her.

    Xuxu ignored him, walking straight ahead. She easily caught up with Su Yue and they walked side by side.

    She smiled at Su Yue and said, "Yueyue, Ill sleep in your room tonight."

    She had protested rather coquettishly to Yan Rushengs advances in the lift earlier on. This little lass wouldnt despise her as well, right?

    She worried about how Su Yues impression of her mightve changed, and she somehow blamed Yan Rusheng. It was all his fault.

    "Sure." Su Yue smiled and nodded. She didnt despise her. In fact, she was happy.

    Xuxu grabbed her elbow. "Lets go."

    What happened?

    Yan Rusheng realized that something was amiss, and he quickened his pace. He ran over to Xuxu, his nimble fingers grabbing her thin wrist. He pulled her into his arms and said, "Sleep early today. Well have a good time tomorrow on Christmas day."

    Xuxu ignored him, not letting go of Su Yues elbow while trying to break out of Yan Rushengs grasp.

    Yan Rusheng refused to let go of her. "Dont play around."

    They dragged Su Yue into their struggle, so she frowned at Yan Rusheng. "Third Brother, youre a hooligan. Hmph!"

    She pulled Xuxus hand away from her elbow and said to her, "Third sister-in-law, Ill head back first. Goodnight."

    She quickened her pace and found her room. She took out her room card and opened the door, entering and closing the door behind her.

    The couple watched her as she did and they froze. Xuxu looked up at him and said, "Heard that? Your younger sister thinks that youre a hooligan."

    She quickened her pace and walked towards their room.

    Yan Rusheng stared at Su Yues room door and frowned. "This little lass, shes getting more brazen."

    Xuxu frowned as well. "Shes just throwing a temper."

    She was softly mumbling to herself and Yan Rusheng couldnt make out her words.

    He raised an eyebrow at her. "What did you say?"

    Xuxu shook her head. "Nothing much. Lets go."

    "Alright." Yan Rusheng nodded and held Xuxus hand. They walked towards their room.

    When they walked past Su Yues room, Xuxu stared at the door, lost in thought.

    "Wife, can you give me the whole package tonight?" Yan Rusheng asked when they had reached their room. He leisurely took out the room card and grabbed Xuxus waist, suddenly giving her a peck on the lips.