Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1311

    Chapter 1311 An Unforgettable Night Part Fourteen

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    Zhou Shuang retorted, “Both of you see each other every day. Can’t you just be apart for a few days?”

    Yan Rusheng shook his head. “No!”

    Yan Rusheng’s attitude was unyielding, but Zhou Shuang didn’t want to lose as well. “Xuxu has to stay at my place today.”

    “That’s enough. Stop quarreling. We shall go to Zhou Shuang’s place first before we decide tonight.” Xuxu frowned as she pressed on, “We will definitely suffer from jet lag later, so it doesn’t matter where we sleep.”

    Xuxu successfully stopped them from bickering.

    Zhou Shuang’s house was located in a bustling area around N City. It was a mansion, and flowers that flourished well in winter filled the courtyard.

    The surroundings and environment were comfortable and pleasing.

    When they reached Zhou Shuang’s place, her mother had just finished work. She came to welcome them warmly with a smile.

    Her father knew that they would visit their place so he came home early, too.

    The design of the huge living room was impressive and stylish, although it wasn’t very luxurious. They sat on the couch and Zhou Shuang’s mother served them tea and a huge platter of fruits.

    Zhou Shuang’s father sat quietly on an armchair.

    “It’s getting late, so let’s get going,” whispered Yan Rusheng to Xuxu as he glanced out of the window. The sun was setting rapidly.

    Xuxu knew that it was impossible for her to stay over at Zhou Shuang’s place tonight.

    She smiled politely at Zhou Shuang’s parents and said, “Uncle, Aunt, it’s getting late. We need to head to our hotel.”

    Zhou Shuang’s mother frowned and quipped, “We have so many rooms. You need not stay at a hotel.”

    Xuxu smiled warmly and waved her hands to decline. “It’s all right. We have too many of us and we don’t want to intrude. We will visit you again.”

    Even if she stayed here, Yan Rusheng will insist on sleeping at the hotel.

    Zhou Shuang’s mother agreed rather reluctantly.

    She glanced at Lu Yinan and said, “Xiao Lu, stay here tonight.”

    Lu Yinan earnestly nodded and replied, “Okay.”

    This was the first time they invited him to stay at their house despite several visits.

    The first time, he didn’t even get past the gates.

    The second time, only Zhou Shuang’s mother was around. He had only stayed for a cup of tea.

    Zhou Shuang’s father doted too much on his daughter. He felt that Lu Yinan wasn’t a good man, so he was hostile towards him.

    Lu Yinan had barely finished his sentence when Zhou Shuang angrily interjected, “No way! I’m going to the hotel with Xuxu.”

    She rose and grabbed Xuxu’s arm.

    She appeared as though she was determined to leave with her.

    Yan Rusheng was speechless.

    Was this female hooligan deliberately doing this?

    He eyed Lu Yinan quietly and communicated a message:if you don’t settle this woman tonight, you’re not a man.

    He stretched his hand to grab Xuxu and bowed politely to Zhou Shuang’s parents. He then marched towards the door, pulling Xuxu along.

    Without a doubt, Su Yue followed Xuxu and Yan Rusheng wherever they went.

    She trailed closely behind, like a little tail.

    “Daddy, Mommy, I’m going to the hotel with Xuxu.” Zhou Shuang quickly strode after Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. She bade her parents goodbye.

    Her parents didn’t even try to stop her.

    Only Lu Yinan remained motionless as he had no idea how he should react. He stared helplessly at Zhou Shuang’s parents. Her father maintained a stoic expression, so he turned to her mother.

    Zhou Shuang’s mother quipped, “Aren’t you going after her?”

    Lu Yinan smiled sheepishly and immediately scrambled after Zhou Shuang.

    They got in the car that Zhou Shuang had used to fetch them this afternoon and it managed to fit everyone.