Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1308 5

    Chapter 1308 An Unforgettable Night Part Eleven

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    Zhou Shuangs face turned red and she hastily averted her gaze. She sneered coldly. "Dream on! How can a man who looks like a woman be good-looking? He should be ashamed."

    She seemed to have ignited the fire once more and Xuxu interjected hurriedly. "Alright thats enough, stop bickering. Lets eat."

    "I lost all appetite at the sight of him," mumbled Zhou Shuang.

    "I can leave." Lu Yinan placed the cutlery back on the table and stood up before leaving.

    His sudden departure startled Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, and they silently stared at him stomping away.

    After a while, Xuxu snapped to her senses and yelled, "Hey, Lu Yinan"

    Lu Yinan appeared not to have heard Xuxu as he walked out of the restaurant determinedly. The towering figure vanished before their eyes.

    Xuxu glanced at Zhou Shuang and lectured her, "What are you trying to do? If you really hate him so much and feel that there is no way you can be with him, tell us now. Ill get Yan Rusheng to tell Lu Yinan so that he doesnt have to waste time and effort on you."

    Zhou Shuang gloomily pouted as she watched Lu Yinan marching out of the restaurant. She was also upset and conflicted.

    She threw a brief glance at Xuxu and pursed her lips. "I thought you didnt like to meddle in others affairs?" said Zhou Shuang.

    Xuxu snapped coldly, "If you werent my friend, do you think I would care?"

    Indeed, she didnt like poking her nose into others affairs, neither was she interested in gossip.

    But she was really anxious and worried about Zhou Shuang. As a mother, she felt that a complete family was important to the children.

    Every time she saw Yan Rusheng bathing or coaxing the children, she would feel so blissful and contented.

    She had an urge to hug all of them.

    Zhou Shuang was her best friend, and she certainly hoped that she would have a blissful life.

    She wasnt sure if Lu Yinan was the right guy for her. But since she was pregnant with his children, she knew that Zhou Shuang ought to give Lu Yinan a chance.

    "Alright, alright. Lets eat." Zhou Shuang waved her hands, looking irritated.

    But her attitude had softened considerably.

    Xuxu was very observant and sensitive, and she noticed that Zhou Shuang avoided answering her question. She merely changed the topic.

    But she was wise enough not to probe further at that moment. Her lips curled slightly and she averted her gaze from Zhou Shuang. The man next to her had already laid the napkin on her lap.

    He was usually a man of few words with others around. But he was always observant and meticulous towards Xuxus needsit was totally oblivious to everyone else.

    Xuxu glanced at the pair of hands before her, and she stretched her hand to hold his hand.

    Yan Rushengs eyes darted towards Xuxu, looking smug. Xuxu was a little embarrassed and she hastily retracted her hand. "Call Lu Yinan and ask why"

    She didnt want to put Lu Yinan down with Zhou Shuang around. But Lu Yinans patience was really too limited.

    If Yan Rusheng were in his shoes, he wouldnt have left so easily. Even if they bickered, he would always come back to coax her.

    Xuxu didnt finish her sentence when Su Yue cut across her. "Lu Yinan is back."

    Some of their food had arrived, and Su Yue was busy using her phone and eating chicken wings at the same time. She didnt care about her image at all despite her mouth being smeared with oil.

    Xuxu heard her and glanced at the entrance.