Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1300

    Chapter 1300 An Unforgettable Night Part Three

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    Su Yue pursed her lips. "Alright then."

    She walked over to the neighboring bed and sat down. She leaned against the headboard and scrolled through her phone.

    "Are you not going upstairs to spend time with your Uncle Ming?"

    Bai Jing suddenly piped up, and Su Yue turned around to look at her. She smiled out of embarrassment and said, "Ill head over in a while."

    "Its fine, you can go over now," Bai Jing suggested. She then yawned and added, "I was about to take a nap."

    She threw away the plastic wrap and buried herself under her covers.

    "Okay," she replied and stood up, getting off the bed.

    She left the room in silence.

    And closed the door gently behind her.

    In the ward, Bai Jing opened her eyes and took one last look at Su Yues leaving figureher eyes full of hatred.

    Everyone knew about her situation now, and it was all thanks to her!

    She clenched her blankets and solemnly swore that she would ruin Su Yues pure and innocent image.


    Su Yue had a wonderful rest during the flight, which lasted over ten hours. She only woke up when she heard the announcement that they had arrived in N City.

    She rubbed her eyes and gazed out of the window. The plane was amongst the clouds and it brought her comfort.

    Su Yue was extremely excited. She grabbed Xuxus arm and happily said, "Third sister-in-law, look! The view is so pretty."

    Xuxu glanced outside the window and nodded. "Indeed, it is."

    In actual fact, she had seen that view every time she took a flight in the day, and so it was nothing special to her.

    "Third sister-in-law, will Zhou Shuang be there to fetch us when we touch down?" Su Yue asked, looking back at Xuxu.

    "Yes, she will." Xuxu nodded, then she frowned. "Her stomach is so humongous now and I didnt want her to, but she insisted so I couldnt stop her."

    But she was still excited at the thought that she would see Zhou Shuang after a while when the plane touched down.

    Friendship was strange. True friendship would withstand the test of time, and ten years apart would mean nothing.

    Yet some could spend the whole day together without considering it a friendship.

    "I brought her a gift." Su Yue gave a mysterious smile.

    Xuxu was a little shocked. "You even brought her a gift?!"

    She didnt expect Su Yue to be attentive and thoughtful enough to bring her a present.

    Su Yue nodded. "Yes, I prepared it a long time ago."

    "You even kept it from me?" Xuxu raised her eyebrow, her tone hinting slight bitterness.

    Guilt flashed across Su Yues eyes. She bowed her head in guilt and said, "Im sorry, third sister-in-law. I didnt mean to keep it from you."

    If her third sister-in-law were to find out that she had kept her relationship with Uncle Ming from her as well, would she be angry?

    She wouldnt be too happy for sure.

    Su Yue became worried.

    Xuxu frowned. "Silly girl, I wasnt blaming you. Why did you take it so seriously?"

    "No-nothing." She shook her head in response.

    The announcements repeatedly reminded them to put on their safety belt, so Xuxu didnt think into Su Yues reaction. She turned to look at Yan Rusheng.

    He was sitting opposite her. His seat was already adjusted, and his seat belt fastened. But he was still wearing his eye mask and his eyes were closed shut.

    It was as though he couldnt stand the sight of everything in the cabin.