Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1296

    Chapter 1296 Some People Are Incapable Of Being Satisfied Part Four

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    Ming Ansheng chuckled as he gazed at Su Yue. “If you are in trouble or you’re unhappy, will you tell Bai Jing?” asked Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue nodded without a moment of hesitation. “Certainly.”

    She hung her head low, and she muttered under her breath. “We’re good friends. She was the first to know that I like you.”

    Su Yue’s voice was barely audible and Ming Ansheng didn’t catch every word. So he inched forward and put his ear to Su Yue’s mouth. “What did you say?” he asked.

    He only caught the words ‘I like you’, but he didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

    Su Yue’s cheeks were flushing when Ming Ansheng overheard her. She furiously shook her head and denied.

    She changed the topic and continued, “Her second brother said that if I ask Third Brother to allow Flourish & Prosper to work with their company, he will never force Bai Jing ever again.”

    Regarding this request, Ming Ansheng had already guessed it ever since he overheard the conversation in Bai Jing’s ward earlier on.

    “Silly girl.” He gripped Su Yue’s hand tightly and patiently explained, “Some people are incapable of being satisfied and their greed is insatiable. Even if you give them what they wanted, they will demand more in the future.”

    There was no one to take care nor to teach her when she was younger. She even lived in such harsh conditions and no one bothered about her.

    How was she supposed to know the ugly truth about a person’s nature?

    Su Yue understood Ming Ansheng and she frowned. “What should I do?” she asked in worry.

    Ming Ansheng replied, “You can talk to Bai Jing. If she really wants to leave them, your third brother can help. Even I can help her. But if she is unwilling, there is nothing more you can do. Do you understand?”

    Su Yue blinked in confusion. “Uncle Ming, I don’t understand.”

    What did he mean by there was nothing more that she could do?

    “Silly girl. Don’t let others use you.” Ming Ansheng stretched to pull Su Yue into his embrace. “Even though I always say that you are silly, I won’t allow anyone to treat you as a fool.”

    Su Yue peered at Ming Ansheng and asked, “Are you trying to say that Bai Jing’s second brother treats me as a fool?”

    Ming Ansheng chuckled softly. “Do you think you are a fool?”

    “I’m not a fool!” Su Yue pouted and prodded at Ming Ansheng’s chin.

    She was about to retract her hand when Ming Ansheng suddenly bent to bite her finger.

    “Ouch! It’s painful!” Su Yue yelled, and Ming Ansheng released her finger from his mouth. She hit him on his shoulder and reproved, “You’re so hateful.”

    Ming Ansheng’s gaze trailed to her rosy lips and he swooped down on hers.

    At that moment, the door swung open.


    Old Wu stopped talking when he caught sight of them. His face turned red and the atmosphere turned awkward.

    Ming Ansheng heard him and turned around in his direction. He appeared annoyed and said, “What is it?”

    He didn’t seek his permission before entering.

    Since Su Yue was present, he controlled his temper for he didn’t want to reveal how cold and fierce he could be.

    Su Yue saw Old Wu and she hastily moved away from Ming Ansheng. She bent her head and blushed.

    Although Ming Ansheng didn’t raise his voice, Old Wu could tell that he was angry. He hurriedly explained, “President I already knocked just now.”

    “So what’s the matter?” Ming Ansheng asked, sounding annoyed.

    Old Wu didn’t dare to dawdle and said, “I saw Third Madam Yan.”