Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1294

    Chapter 1294 Some People Are Incapable Of Being Satisfied Part Two

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    Ming Ansheng, who came from a wealthy and prestigious background, could never tolerate the unhygienic standards of roadside stalls.

    "Eat my porridge." He threw the tissues away before placing the porridge before her. He smiled and coaxed her gently. "If you really want to eat more, Ill get Old Wu to buy. Dont buy food from roadside stalls as they always sell leftovers. You will get a stomachache."

    Su Yue glanced at her beef noodles when she heard Ming Ansheng. She even added chili oil and it looked so appetizing and delicious.

    It didnt even look dirty at all.

    "Jiaojiao never criticizes my food choices," Su Yue grumbled softly as she pulled the container towards her. She turned her back against him before taking a mouthful of porridge.

    She shall finish every last bit of his porridge then.

    Wait, did that mean that he wasnt as good as Jiao Chen? Ming Ansheng heard Su Yue, jealousy and resentment blazed in his eyes. He slumped back against the couch and propped his legs on the couch. He glanced askew at Su Yue and sneered. "Those who truly care for you will not allow you to eat rubbish like that."

    Su Yue raised an eyebrow and sharply threw him a question. "Do you mean that Jiaojiao didnt really care about me?"

    "I didnt say that." Young Master Ming puffed up his chest as he tried to conceal his guilt. To conceal his jealousy, he rattled on. "If you go out with your third sister-in-law, do you think she would allow you to eat such food?"

    His words struck Su Yue. It was true that Third sister-in-law never allowed her to eat such food.

    She pursed her lips indignantly as she held on to the container. She gobbled up the rest of the porridge.

    She threw the empty container into the trash can.

    "You didnt even save a bit for me?" asked Ming Ansheng with a frown as he feigned annoyance.

    He was actually hoping that she could finish all the food.

    In his heart, Su Yue was still a child. He felt like her father, and he really yearned for her to be chubby and happy.

    Su Yue licked her lips and innocently said, "You were the one who asked me to eat. Im not even full."

    Ming Ansheng could tell that she was pretending to be innocent. He gazed into her watery and bright eyes and his heart pounded violently. He suddenly pounced onto her and crushed her with his weight. "You bad little thing. Youve gone astray."

    Su Yues heart skipped a beat, and her cheeks were as red as a tomato. She bit her lips and stared nervously at the man.

    Her voice was quivering. "You What do you want?"

    She bit her lips and her eyes sparkled with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

    Ming Ansheng watched her intensely for a while before asking, "Yueyue, am I not good to you?"

    Su Yue didnt even hesitate before she answered, "Youre good to me."

    She added in her heart:"Very good indeed."

    It puzzled her why Ming Ansheng had even asked her.

    "Then dont say such stuff in the future." Ming Ansheng tapped the tip of her nose lightly before bending to kiss her.

    He retreated and moved away from Su Yue.

    Su Yue caught a faint whiff of the detergent on his shirt.

    She narrowed her eyes in confusion. "What do you mean?"

    "Nothing." Ming Ansheng shook his head lightly. He fondly smiled at her before caressing her cheeks. He changed the topic and asked, "Are you full?"