Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1291

    Chapter 1291 The Lies He Came Up With Part Four

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    "Youre conceited now that the illegitimate daughter of the Yans is willing to help you," Lei Yong commented. He retracted his hand and sat down on her bed. He said with a smile, "Things would have been so much easier for us had we known that that little lass was so easy to handle."

    Bai Jing became agitated when she heard it. She looked up at him with a face full of disgust. "Its just you, notus. Weve never been on the same path."

    She saw the mocking smile on his face and wished she could kill him.

    Yes, one day!

    Bai Jing clenched her fists under the covers.

    "President, I saw Miss Su enter this ward. I checked and found out that her roommate Bai Jing is warded here."

    The chauffeur supported Ming Ansheng and walked him over to Bai Jings ward door.

    When he went downstairs to get breakfast, he bumped into Su Yue. He saw her go upstairs via the staircase. It had him confused, so he followed her.

    When he saw the ward, he immediately checked who was staying in it and reported it to Ming Ansheng.

    Ming Anshengs footsteps lightened when he neared Bai Jings ward door. He waved his chauffeur away and said, "Ive got it. You can wait outside."

    He prepared to knock on the door.

    "Yes, I know that youre pure and upright. Otherwise, you wouldnt have agreed to drink with men when you could easily make use of the illegitimate daughter from the Yan family."

    "Get lost! Scram, both of you. I dont want to see you ever again."

    "No, no, no. Youre the treasure of the Lei family now. I believe that this lass will persuade Yan Rusheng. The whole family dotes on her. What would Wen Xuxu not give her, other than the moon and stars in the sky?"

    When Ming Ansheng heard his words, he clenched his fist. Coldness flashed across his eyes.

    He had the audacity to make use of his Yueyue?

    He was obviously tired of living.

    Ming Ansheng coldly snorted and retracted his hand, turning around and walking back to the lift lobby.

    He didnt like the hospital attire, so he was in his own home-wear. He was wearing a black blazer, which made him look very desolate.

    He had just walked past the staircase when the door suddenly opened and a familiar small figure walked out.

    Ming Ansheng froze, but he then regained his senses. Su Yue, on the other hand, was still reeling in shock. But he was quick to stroll over to prevent her from leaving.

    His gaze swept across her face and then towards the bag in her hands, which was full of food.

    He raised his eyebrow and smiled. "You bought this for me?"

    "No," Su Yue replied, tilting her chin up in arrogance. She didnt look at his face and continued, "Its for Bai Jing."

    She was planning on ignoring him and was about to brush past him.

    Ming Ansheng suddenly reached out for her and carried her.

    "Ahh" It caught Su Yue off guard, and she started to struggle.

    Ming Ansheng looked askew at her and threatened, "If you call for help, well hit the headlines again this afternoon."

    Su Yue immediately closed her mouth and allowed Ming Ansheng to carry her to the staircase landing.

    Su Yue was very light and Ming Ansheng had no trouble carrying her. His footsteps were steady as he climbed the stairs.

    "Put me down quickly. I dont want to talk to you," Su Yue said. She was holding the plastic bag in one hand and the other was clenched into a fist, pounding his back.

    Her strength was limited, and she couldnt bear to use much either. So to Ming Ansheng, her pounding on his back was more comfortable than that from a masseur at a massage parlor.