Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1290

    Chapter 1290 The Lies He Came Up With Part Three

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    But Bai Jing remained her head bowed. She didnt look over. She looked so pitiful and it made Su Yues heart ache.

    Lei Yong said, "Miss Su, our family business has indeed been facing some difficulties recently, so we needed Bai Jings help. If you really treat Bai Jing as your best friend, help Grand Prosperity Molds. As long as you ask, Bai Jing wont have to meet any guests."

    He looked at Su Yue, his eyes calculative.

    Confused, Su Yue turned around and looked at Lei Yong. "What do you want me to ask?"

    She was wary.

    Lei Yong was a man with ill intentions. He was definitely up to no good.

    With a smile, Lei Yong said, "You could suggest to your third brother to collaborate with Grand Prosperity Molds."

    So he wanted her to put in a good word for him. Su Yue quickly understood his intentions and frowned. "Then you wont make things difficult for Bai Jing?"

    If suggesting to her third brother to work with the Leis could really help Bai Jing get away from such a vile fellow, then she would do it.

    It was still up to third brother to make the final call, but she could at least try.

    Seeing Su Yues reaction, Lei Yong softened his approach. "I wasnt actually trying to make things difficult for her. Our family was in need, so as a part of the family, shouldnt she help?"

    "Tch,youre just refusing to admit that youre filthy," Su Yue said. She realized that Lei Yong still had his grasp around her hand, and so she immediately flung his hand away.

    "I can talk to my third brother about it, but afterward, you cant force Bai Jing into doing anything she doesnt want to do. And you cant force her to follow you home."

    She glared at him, her expression implying that she would only help him if he agreed.

    Lei Yong nodded readily. "Sure."

    "Alright. Ill talk to my third brother about it today," Su Yue said. She then contemptuously chased him away. "You can leave now. She doesnt want to see both of you."

    In her eyes, Lei Yong was filthier than a pile of dung.

    Lei Yong replied, "My mothers heart is aching for her daughter and she wants to stay with her."

    Bai Jing looked at Zhang Lihong when she heard it. Zhang Lihong bowed her head, seemingly in guilt. Su Yue pursed her lips and remained silent.

    She thought,Although this mother isnt the best, I think Bai Jing would still wish to meet her.

    Why else would she continue staying with the Leis?

    Su Yue then turned around and said to Bai Jing, "Bai Jing, Ill go for breakfast now."

    Bai Jing didnt reply to her. She pursed her lips and sighed. She turned around and walked out of the ward.

    Lei Yong walked her out. After Su Yue turned the corner and disappeared, he walked back into the ward and closed the door.

    He turned around and walked over to Bai Jings bed, and he looked her from head to toe. He walked over and caressed her face. "Youve lost so much weight overnight."

    Bai Jing flung his hand away, disgusted. "Stay away from me."

    "Ive been very curious. Who are you saving your virginity for?" Lei Yong asked, his lips curled into a mocking smile. "Can your chastity earn you money or anything else?"

    Bai Jings eyes were cold. She refused to look at him. "Dont talk to me."