Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1289

    Chapter 1289 The Lies He Came Up With Part Two

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    Lei Yong asked, amused, "Miss Su, Bai Jing is a part of our family. Of course, shell follow us home."

    "Shes not a part of your family. You dont even treat her well. From now on, shes living with my family and severing all ties with you," Su Yue said, tilting her chin upwards. "Her father is my third brothers benefactor, so my family should have been the ones taking care of her since the start."

    If she had known that Bai Jings stepfamily wouldnt treat her well, she would have pleaded her third brother and third sister-in-law to make her stay with them from the start.

    "Miss Su, there has to be a misunderstanding. How could we not treat Bai Jing as a family?" asked Lei Yong, with his hand on Zhang Lihongs elbow. He smiled and said, "Shes Bai Jings biological mother. Who can be closer to her than her own mother?"

    Su Yue couldnt find a reply.

    A child is always cherished by his mother, but

    But Something crossed Su Yues mind and her expression darkened. She looked at him coolly and said, "A child is not only cherished by his mother. Some biological mothers are worse than stepmothers."

    She clenched her fist tightly on her side.

    "Miss Su, I dont know what caused you to misunderstand us," Lei Yong said, adjusting his blazer. He puffed out his chest, trying to look gentlemanly. "Has Bai Jing not been treated like a princess since she joined our family?"

    Indeed, they had given Bai Jing branded clothesluxurious brands that she never knew even existedsince she joined their family.

    But, so what?

    Su Yue coldly stared at him, not bothering to conceal her disgust and annoyance. "Dont think that I dont know about how you made Bai Jing drink with old men and made use of her for monetary gain. You guys are filthy."

    Lei Yongs expression changed when he heard it. But he immediately smiled. "Did Bai Jing tell you this?"

    He then lifted his eyebrow and cast his gaze towards Bai Jing, whose head was bowed. A cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

    Bai Jing seemed to feel the coldness directed at her, so she lifted her head. Her eyes met Lei Yongs and shock filled her bright eyes, she then clenched her teeth.

    "Why are you so annoying?" Su Yue didnt wish to say anything further. She pushed Lei Yong towards the door. "Get out."

    Bai Jing had already changed a little since she entered their home. If she were to stay on any longer, she would definitely change even more.

    She didnt want Bai Jing to change. She didnt want Bai Jing to be subjected to weird stares, especially the likes of when her scandal got leaked.

    Lei Yongs expression changed. "Miss Su, thats not right. Im Bai Jings older brother and Im here to visit my younger sister. What does this have to do with you?"

    Su Yue ignored him and continued pushing him out. "Bai Jing doesnt want to see you."

    Lei Yong suddenly grabbed Su Yues wrist. Her thin wrist and delicate skin were delightful to the touch.

    Lei Yong stared at Su Yue with a lewd smile on his face. He feigned irritation and refused to let go of her wrist. "Then let Bai Jing say it herself."

    Su Yue turned to look at Bai Jing. "Bai Jing, do you wish to see them?"

    Bai Jing kept her head bowed and Su Yue thought that she was too frightened.

    Su Yue pressed on. "Bai Jing, you dont have to be afraid. My third brother and third sister-in-law will help you."