Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1282 4

    Chapter 1282 Will Her Food Be Poisoned? Part Five

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    She snorted and rejected his call.

    Ming Ansheng knew that Su Yue wouldn’t answer his call. So he decided to text her instead.

    ‘Silly fool. I ordered the food for you. It’s not poisoned.’

    Su Yue was touched when she saw Ming Ansheng’s text. But she was still upset with him so she replied, ‘I won’t eat the food you bought.’

    But her actions proved otherwise…

    After she sent the text, she picked up her chopsticks and stuffed the chicken wing right into her mouth.

    The chicken wings had turned cold after half an hour, and the taste had Su Yue a little unsatisfied.

    She felt that it could have been delicious when it was still piping hot.

    She glanced at the heating radiator and picked up the chicken wings.

    Su Yue used tissues to clean the heating radiator before roasting the chicken wings on the radiator.

    She smirked in satisfaction as she looked at the chicken wings.

    She turned back to get her phone to snap a photo. She updated her WeChat once more. ‘Roasting chicken wings in my dormitory. How smart am I?’

    She added a smug emoticon at the end of the sentence.


    Some of her friends who were browsing WeChat burst into laughter when they read her update.

    “What’s so amusing?” Yan Rusheng noticed Xuxu laughing to herself. He walked towards her.

    Xuxu beckoned to Yan Rusheng. “Ah Sheng, come here quickly. This silly fool Su Yue is so hilarious.”

    Other than Xuxu, Yan Rusheng wasn’t too interested in others’ affairs.

    He walked over to take a look only because Xuxu asked him to. After reading the update with the chicken wings photo, he broke into a smile too.

    “No, I have to call her.” Xuxu dialed Su Yue’s number and she said, “I saw her previous update and she said that someone sent the food to her. I need to ask if she knew who had sent it to her. If she doesn’t, then she shouldn’t eat it.”

    The call went through and Su Yue answered. Xuxu immediately said, “Yueyue, who sent you the food?”

    She pressed on without giving Su Yue the chance to speak. “If you don’t know who, then don’t eat it.”

    Su Yue quipped, “I know who sent it. Third sister-in-law, don’t worry.”

    Yan Rusheng, who was sitting beside Xuxu, overheard their conversation. He noticed that Xuxu appeared as she was continuing with the call, so he snatched the phone away from her.

    He locked the screen and throw the phone aside.

    Xuxu glared at him. “Yan Rusheng! You…”

    Before she could finish her sentence, he had kissed her and crushed her with his weight.

    Yan Rusheng gazed at Xuxu as he kissed her. He smiled cheekily and said, “I’m tired in the day and at night. Tonight you shall be on top.”

    He placed his hands under her body and carried her up before putting Xuxu on his body.

    It annoyed Xuxu. “You can choose not to be tired at night.”

    “What did you say?” Yan Rusheng clenched his teeth with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

    Xuxu instantly clammed up, she knew that she shouldn’t provoke him. Ever since her confinement period ended, she ended up with backaches every other day.

    Su Yue received plenty of praises and replies on WeChat.

    Zhou Shuang replied, ‘Little pretentious one, how did you even think of this? Can you even eat the chicken wings now?’

    Lu Yinan replied to her, too. ‘Little lass, do you need to add extra radiators?’