Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1281

    Chapter 1281 Will Her Food Be Poisoned? Part Four

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    "Sure," the chauffeur answered before turning around.

    Ming Ansheng picked up his phone and began searching for food deliveries near A University.

    After Su Yue ended Ming Anshengs call, she did some revision to get him off her mind.

    However, she stared blankly at her textbook with a pen in her mouth, unable to concentrate. After what seemed like hours, she hadnt even solved a question.

    Her phone rang, disrupting her reverie.

    She thought that it was Ming Ansheng, so she glared at the screen. But soon, she realized that it was an unknown number.

    She bent to pick up her phone and placed it to her ear. "Hello."

    A young man spoke up from the other line. "Miss Su? Im delivering your food order. Im at your dormitory, can you please come down?"

    Food delivery?It puzzled Su Yue, so she said, "I didnt order food."

    "Are you Su Yue?"

    Su Yue nodded. "Yes, I am."

    "Then its correct. Even your number is correct, too. You ordered two sets of honey chicken wings, stir-fried cabbage, and beef brisket rice."

    Her name and phone number were correct, and Su Yue couldnt understand why. "But I really didnt order any food."

    Could it be Jiaojiao?

    When they were together before, if he or Bai Jing didnt eat with her, Jiao Chen would order food for her.

    Su Yue thought of that possibility and her heart skipped a beat.

    But how would Jiaojiao know that she hadnt eaten?

    Su Yue couldnt quite figure it out and the delivery guy was still waiting for her to respond. She answered, "Ill come down now."

    She put on her jacket and rushed downstairs.

    The young delivery guy was waiting outside the dormitory. He was holding on to a huge plastic bag as he shivered in the cold.

    Su Yue opened the door and said to him, "Im Su Yue."

    The delivery guy smiled and stepped forward before passing the bag to Su Yue. "This is your food."

    Su Yue received the bag with a faint smile and went back.

    She still wasnt used to thanking or apologizing to people, and it wasnt limited to strangers.

    Su Yue took out the food containers and placed them on the table.

    She sat down and suspiciously eyed the food. Her stomach was rumbling loudly, but she didnt pick up her chopsticks.

    Tang Feiling had duped her before, so she reminded herself to be more cautious.

    She had no idea who ordered the food on her behalf. What if someone tried to harm her by poisoning her food?

    It conflicted Su Yue, but she hungrily stared at the chicken wings.

    Someone ordered food for me but I dont know who this person is. Im so afraid that someone might have poisoned it. I shall not eat it even if I die from hunger.

    Su Yue updated her WeChat with a photo of the food and waited for her friends comments.

    Ming Ansheng was browsing WeChat and he chanced upon Su Yues update. The corners of his momentarily twitched.

    It had been half an hour since they delivered the food to her. This silly girl hadnt even taken a bite

    And she was afraid of being poisoned. Wasnt she thinking too much?

    Why couldnt she use her brain and think of the possibility that he was the one who sent the food?

    Ming Ansheng dialed Su Yues number.

    Su Yue was still staring at the food in a daze when her phone rang. She was jolted back to her senses and quickly glanced at her phone. It was Ming Ansheng.