Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1278

    Chapter 1278 Will Her Food Be Poisoned? Part One

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    Bai Jing didn’t realize that Su Yue was back.

    Su Yue entered and gently closed the door, for fear of interrupting Bai Jing.

    “No! I don’t want to help you anymore. Don’t look for me ever again!”

    Su Yue was about to sit down on her bed when Bai Jing suddenly raised her voice. She was close to screaming and it gave Su Yue a shock.

    She stared at Bai Jing in shock. Bai Jing seemed really cold and fierce that it made her shiver in fear.

    Bai Jing hung up and turned around. When she saw Su Yue, she looked visibly shocked. Her eyes gleamed warily at Su Yue.

    She eyed Su Yue and asked shrilly, “When did you come back?”

    She sounded as though she was questioning Su Yue.

    Su Yue was at a loss for words with how hostile Bai Jing sounded.

    “Where did you go?” Bai Jing realized that she had gone overboard when Su Yue didn’t respond. She put on a hurried smile to ease the tension.

    Su Yue finally responded, and she whispered, “I went to look for Uncle Ming.”

    Bai Jing knew that she was in love with Uncle Ming. And they were best friends, so there was no reason to keep it from her.

    Bai Jing would definitely keep her relationship with Uncle Ming a secret.

    She frowned and asked, “You looked for Uncle Ming? Why did you look for him?”

    She succeeded in diverting Su Yue’s attention. But she was still guessing how much of the conversation Su Yue heard earlier on.

    The previous time when Zhang Lihong came to look for her, Su Yue had overheard something about her being drugged, and that was why rumors started spreading.

    This time

    Bai Jing began to feel uneasy and was afraid that Su Yue might have heard the entire conversation. But she couldn’t be entirely sure.

    Su Yue gazed at Bai Jing as she blinked. “Uncle Ming is sick. I thought you knew?”

    “Yup.” Bai Jing smiled once more. “I saw how conflicted you were and I thought you wouldn’t visit him. Was he hospitalized?”

    Su Yue nodded in response.

    She bent to sit down on her bed before raising her hand to stroke the figurines hanging from the bed.

    She fell into deep thought.

    “Su Yue, have you made up your mind?” Bai Jing walked to Su Yue and sat down next to her. There was a probing and wary expression in Bai Jing’s eyes.

    She was still glum over the fact that Su Yue had left the dormitory without informing her.

    Su Yue nodded and she glanced at Bai Jing. “You’re right, I should make my stand clear. I want to try even though his grandfather doesn’t like me. But I can wait until a few years after his grandfather has passed away. By then we can openly declare our relationship.”

    She smiled brightly like an innocent child.

    As though it was a brilliant plan.

    Bai Jing was speechless

    She had never felt that Su Yue was different from the others. She just felt that she was innocent and nave.

    But now, she realized that she might be a fool. What kind of logic was that? How could she wait until many years have passed?

    How ridiculous.

    Bai Jing quietly sneered in disdain to herself. She pressed on and said, “You’re right. You should give it a try if you really love someone. If you don’t, you’ll miss it forever.”

    Su Yue nodded in agreement as she said, “You’re right.”

    She smiled at Bai Jing gratefully. “Thank you, Bai Jing.”