Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1277 4

    Chapter 1277 I Cant Remember The Number Of Women I Had Part Five

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    Ming Ansheng was perplexed for he had no inkling of what had happened. She rushed to chase after Su Yue, but the effects of the anesthesia werent entirely over yet. He stumbled and almost fell because of haste.

    Su Yue had already reached the door.

    She opened the door and the tiny figure swiftly vanished before Ming Anshengs eyes.

    "Miss Su." Ming Anshengs chauffeur was outside the ward. He stood up and smiled at her.

    Su Yue waved at the chauffeur and quipped, "Im going back. Goodbye."

    "Su Yue!" yelled Ming Ansheng as he stepped out of the ward.

    Su Yue ignored him.

    "President." The chauffeur could tell that Ming Ansheng was visibly weak, so he hurriedly walked over and supported him.

    It was dark outside and Su Yues safety made Ming Ansheng worried. "Follow her, and if she is going back to school, send her back," instructed Ming Ansheng.

    The chauffeur nodded and said, "Yes, I will. President, please take a rest. Ill be back after sending Miss Su back to school."

    Ming Ansheng grunted in response.

    He watched as the chauffeur bolted after Su Yue.

    But he was still mystified. Why was that lass upset with him for no apparent reason?

    "Mr. Ming, the results of your checkup is out." The nurse presented the report.

    Ming Ansheng retracted his gaze and went back to the ward.

    He glanced at the nurse and asked, "What happened during the examination just now?"

    Su Yue was fine before his stomach examination. So, something must have happened during that time.

    The nurse couldnt understand Ming Anshengs question. "What do you mean?" asked the nurse gingerly.

    "My my" Ming Ansheng was about to blurt out that Su Yue was his girlfriend but he couldnt bring himself to. Would he appear disgusting if he said it?

    Su Yue might already be 18 years old, but she looked younger than that.

    And he was a grown man, and he towered over her, reaching a height of 1.85 meters.

    Ming Ansheng coughed to conceal his awkwardness. He asked, "Why was my little niece angry?"

    "Im not too sure why your niece was angry. But what I knew was when you were under anesthesia you blurted out some stuff that you have buried in your heart." The nurse tried her best to stifle her laughter as she peered at Ming Ansheng. Su Yue and Ming Ansheng had hit the headlines just a few days ago, so rumors were still rife. Now, he had introduced her as his niece to conceal the truth.

    He blurted out some stuff that he buried in his heart.

    Ming Ansheng widened his eyes in shock. He felt uneasy.

    Actually, he did nothing wrong, but he just felt uneasy.

    He glanced at the nurse and asked, "What did I say?"

    "Miss Su asked if you"

    The nurse stammered and couldnt speak properly.

    Ming Ansheng was a little anxious and asked, "Say it!"

    What did that lass ask him when he wasnt fully conscious? Instinct told him that it must be related to women.

    Ming Ansheng frowned, looking impatient. The nurse didnt dare to dawdle and she answered, "Miss Su asked how many women had you slept with before"

    She paused as Ming Ansheng stared at her.

    He knew that his answer was crucial.

    The nurse pressed on, "You said you couldnt remember."

    Ming Ansheng was speechless.

    Just as he had expected!

    The nurse informed him that patients would utter incoherently after being anesthetized.

    Young Master Ming instantly regretted his decision. He should have opted for the normal endoscopy and endured the pain.

    And as the saying goes, what goes around comes around!

    The chauffeur sent Su Yue back to school.

    Strong winds were blowing and Su Yue sprinted back to the dormitory. She opened the door and saw Bai Jing standing at the balcony, talking on the phone.