Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1276

    Chapter 1276 I Cant Remember The Number Of Women I Had Part Four

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    Su Yue was speechless.

    Of course, she knew what that fellow Ming Ansheng was referring to.

    She awkwardly glanced at the doctor and nurse. They were present on the chiefs orders.

    Their eyes briefly met hers, and they smiled.

    Su Yue blushed as Ming Ansheng was still mumbling endlessly. She had an urge to cover his mouth to stop him from talking.

    A sudden idea struck her followed and a devious gleam appeared in her eyes. She asked, "If I ask him a question now, will he be able to hear me?"

    The nurse nodded and said, "Yes. You can ask him and he will answer you."

    "Great." Su Yue flashed a playful smile.

    She bent and inched nearer to Ming Anshengs ear. "Uncle Ming, have you been in a relationship before?"

    Ming Ansheng didnt respond and continued to mutter incoherently.

    Su Yue frowned, looking annoyed. Wasnt he supposed to be able to hear her?

    She pondered and decided to try again. "Ming Ansheng, how many women have you slept with before?"

    The doctor and nurse, both occupied with their own work, soundlessly twitched their mouth when they heard her.

    Shouldnt she ask such a question when there was no one around?

    Were they invisible?

    "I cant remember," Ming Ansheng softly mumbled.

    Su Yues face instantly fell. She pinched Young Master Mings cheek to vent her anger and almost dug her fingernails into his flesh.

    Even the nurse and doctor felt the pain.

    "Hmph!" Su Yue sneered coldly and straightened her back. She turned around.

    She slumped against the wall and pursed her lips, still feeling livid over his answer.

    He couldnt remember. He had countless women before

    Then, did he sleep with Tang Feiling?

    "Done," announced the nurse.

    Su Yues thoughts were interrupted, and she responded with a curt oh. Ming Ansheng was still lying there motionless, but Su Yue didnt move an inch.

    The nurse frowned and said, "Ill help you bring him out."

    "Im not touching him." Su Yue sneered with disdain.

    He had so many women before.

    The nurse was speechless.

    The doctor was speechless, too.

    They chided themselves for allowing her to ask questions earlier on.

    The doctor and nurse had no choice but to move Ming Ansheng out of the room. Su Yue stuffed her hands into her pockets and strolled behind.

    She was feeling indignant and upset.

    The chauffeur hurriedly received Ming Ansheng from the nurse and doctor.

    Ming Ansheng gradually gained consciousness in the ward. He felt terrible as his throat was parched and dry.

    Su Yue was sitting on the couch when he glanced at her. "Yueyue."

    She didnt respond.

    Ming Ansheng frowned. "Whats wrong?"

    He knew immediately from the first look that Su Yue was upset and angry.

    Su Yue didnt answer, so Ming Ansheng got off the bed. He asked as he walked towards her. "Who made you angry?"

    She was fine before they examined him.

    "Dont talk to me." Su Yue pointed at him as she furiously eyed him. "Dont come near me. I dont want to talk to you."

    Ming Ansheng halted his footsteps and warily sized her up. "Whats wrong?"

    "Im going back to school." Su Yue rose and marched loudly to the door.

    It was obvious she was angry with him.