Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1275

    Chapter 1275 I Cant Remember The Number Of Women I Had Part Three

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    Su Yue was speechless

    If he didnt say it out loud, she was actually planning to accompany him.

    But how was she supposed to answer now? If she had nodded and admitted, wouldnt it make her appear overly enthusiastic?

    So he had himself to blame.

    Union University hospital was a well-known first-class hospital and was well renowned for its neurology department.

    Ming Anshengs chauffeur went to settle the paperwork first so that Su Yue and Ming Ansheng could consult the doctor without waiting.

    "President Ming."

    A middle-aged man in white robes came to welcome them with a bright smile the moment they stepped into the consultation room.

    Ming Ansheng put on a faint smile, and he glanced briefly at the man. "Chief Tian, youre too kind. Im here merely for a checkup so there is no need for you to notify my family."

    Chief Tian stood there and nodded slowly. "I understand."

    He stole a glance at Su Yue who was hiding behind Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue was looking toward Chief Tian. When their eyes met, she hastily averted her gaze.

    Ming Ansheng was getting impatient and his face was grave. "Ill be at your hospital for the next few days. And I would like to recuperate in peace so I hope there wont be any news articles or ridiculous gossip about me. Please keep this a secret," said Ming Ansheng solemnly.

    Chief Tian had been working for dozens of years and he immediately grasped Ming Anshengs meaning behind his words. What he really meant was that he didnt want any articles of how he had abducted Young Master Yans sister to be here with him in the hospital.

    Chief Tian smiled and nodded. "President Ming, please be rest assured. I will handle your checkup personally and there wouldnt be anyone to disrupt your rest."

    Ming Ansheng raised his chin to show his satisfaction.

    He appeared overbearing and condescending.

    "I will settle the paperwork on your behalf." Chief Tian turned around and walked to his office.

    Ming Anshengs stomach was constantly in pain and he had put on a strong front so as not to make Su Yue worry. His face grew whiter the more he tried to resist the pain.

    Su Yue sat down next to Ming Ansheng, and she could feel him slightly trembling.

    She turned her head and gazed at him with worry etched on her face. "Uncle Ming, are you all right?" asked Su Yue softly.

    Ming Ansheng was perspiring from his forehead and it alarmed Su Yue. She grabbed his arms tightly, feeling helpless.

    She didnt have any prior knowledge of taking care of someone.

    "Im fine. My stomach is just hurting a little." Ming Ansheng smiled to reassure Su Yue.

    The gastroscopy process was really painful, so Ming Ansheng opted for a painless procedure, but he needed a family member to be with him.

    Hence, Su Yue had to follow him inside. After being anesthetized, Ming Ansheng gradually fell into a semi-comatose state.

    The doctor requested for Su Yue to stand at a corner.

    "Yueyue, how is that young fellow better than me?"

    Ming Ansheng had shut his eyes when he blurted it out. He sounded as though he was mumbling under his breath.

    Su Yue was startled and darted forward towards Ming Ansheng. She whispered, "Uncle Ming, what are you talking about?"

    "Dont worry, it is normal for the patient to mumble incoherently after being anesthetized." The nurse smiled warmly at Su Yue and said, "But its not entirely nonsense. Its usually words that have been buried deep in his heart or worries that have been bugging him for some time."

    Su Yue nodded in comprehension.

    She gazed at Ming Ansheng.

    "Yueyue, why did you let him kiss you? Other than being younger than me, that fellow cant be compared to me at all."