Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1271

    Chapter 1271 We Can Only Have An Underground Relationship Part Four

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    Ming Ansheng resumed his usual stoic composure and feigned surprise. “What happened?”

    Su Yue sounded as though she bore a grudge. “He saw the news about us. So he broke up with me.”

    Her tears rolled down.

    “He didn’t believe you?” Ming Ansheng was exploding from happiness. This break up was too good to be true and it happened at the right timing. But he had to consider Su Yue’s feelings so he softly replied, “Do you want me to explain to him?”

    He extended his hand to wipe Su Yue’s tears.

    “It’s all right.” Su Yue shook her head to decline his offer. She dodged his hand too and faltered. “I… I…”

    After a long while, she still couldn’t bring herself to say ‘I like you’.

    Ming Ansheng gazed at her with a frown. “Huh?”

    “Silly fool, you’re the one that I like!”

    Su Yue had the urge to bite off her tongue the moment she blurted it out. Or perhaps she should dig a hole to bury herself right away. Her face and neck were flushed.

    Even she had shocked by herself, not to mention Ming Ansheng.

    Her confession sounded vaguely familiar.

    Ming Ansheng stared at Su Yue in complete disbelief. He was starting to doubt his hearing ability. “Lass, what did you say?”

    “Jiao Chen doesn’t want me anymore. Do you still want me?” Su Yue fixed her pair of innocent-looking eyes at Ming Ansheng.

    Her palms were cold with sweat and all the blood seemed to have gone to her face.

    Ming Ansheng was still staring at her in silence. Su Yue waited with bated breath but he didn’t respond, and so, Su Yue assumed that he didn’t like her any longer.

    She bent her head and her heart sank.

    ‘Jiao Chen doesn’t want me anymore. Do you still want me?’

    If this question were to come from any other woman, it would seem like a joke to a guy.

    And the guy would feel as though he was being treated as a spare tire.

    But it sounded entirely different when Su Yue said it.

    Even if he were to be a spare tire and she had come to him putting on such a pitiful pretense, he still liked her—regardless of any circumstances.

    To Ming Ansheng, Su Yue was as precious as a piece of a priceless gem. No matter how grave a mistake she committed, he still wanted to cherish and protect her tenderly.

    “It’s all right.”

    Su Yue finally broke the silence as Ming Ansheng did not respond. She shook her head lightly.

    She wiped her tears away with the back of her hands and sniffed loudly.

    Ming Ansheng suddenly stretched his hand to hug the tiny girl in front of him. “Little lass, the pain is killing me.”

    Su Yue raised her head and stared at him with a puzzled look. Her eyelashes were dripping with tears.

    Her heart… seemed to have stopped beating.

    She had confessed her love, yet Uncle Ming was complaining about the pain. What did he mean by that?

    Su Yue blinked and her tears rolled down.

    Ming Ansheng kissed the teardrops on Su Yue’s cheek and her tears moisturized his dry lips.

    He chuckled softly. “Who told you that I was unwell?”

    He really wanted to thank this person.

    Su Yue blushed and muttered, “Your mother.”

    It pleasantly surprised Ming Ansheng. His mother was a docile woman and she usually listened to his grandfather’s orders. But incredibly, she had gone to look for Su Yue.

    It was such a surprise.

    It had never occurred to Ming Ansheng that his mother would look for Su Yue to tell her about his current state.

    But it was an excellent move.

    “Go back to your house,” Su Yue prodded Ming Ansheng gently.

    They were locked in an embrace outside his apartment and anyone could easily spot them.

    Ming Ansheng knew exactly what was on Su Yue’s mind. He chortled and said, “So what if someone sees us?”