Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1270

    Chapter 1270 We Can Only Have An Underground Relationship Part Three

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    Su Yue wanted to give it one last attempt so she pressed the doorbell once more.

    “Lu Yinan, you’re so annoying”

    The door swung open and a towering figure appeared along with an annoyed-sounding voice.

    Both of them stared unblinkingly as their eyes met.

    Ming Ansheng was feeling weak as he slumped against the door. His face and lips were pale.

    He was too overwhelmed with emotions and joy when he saw Su Yue, to the extent that he forgot to react.

    “Uncle Ming.” Su Yue broke the silence first. She peered at the ground to avoid Ming Ansheng’s stare.

    Her palms were covered in a cold sweat, and she was biting her lips.

    “Yueyue.” Her presence thrilled Ming Ansheng, but his voice sounded weak.

    Unconsciously, he stretched his hand to reach for her. But he didn’t dare to touch her.

    He took the couple cups from her that day, and as a result, she cried like a child.

    He was afraid of scaring her away or giving her additional unwanted pressure.

    Su Yue spoke softly once more, “I heard that you were unwell and your stomach is bleeding. Is it still painful?”

    Ming Ansheng had no idea who told her. He ruled Yan Rusheng out as a possibility as he wouldn’t want Su Yue to be anywhere near him.

    He nodded slowly. “I’m seriously unwell and in great pain.”

    It was the first time that Ming Ansheng despised himself for being so shameless. He was always throwing disdainful looks at Yan Rusheng and Lu Yinan.

    Initially, he couldn’t understand why Su Yue had visited him. He then found out that she had known about him being unwell.

    All he wanted right now was to gain more sympathy from her without minding her initial reasons.

    Ming Ansheng clutched his chest and furrowed his eyebrows. His acting potential was unleashed.

    Su Yue darted forward to support him. “Uncle Ming, let me send you to the hospital.”

    She tightly grabbed Ming Ansheng’s arm.

    Ming Ansheng was only wearing a thin shirt, and he could feel how sweaty her soft palms were.

    It was so cold outside, yet this lass was sweating profusely. There was only one reason she was nervous.

    There was no reason for her to be afraid.

    Ming Ansheng smiled, looking at Su Yue with an amused expression. “Why are you so nervous?”

    Su Yue spluttered, “I’m not nervous!”

    “Your palms are sweating.”

    Su Yue finally realized that she was grabbing Ming Ansheng’s arm. She wanted to release her grip.

    Before she could do that, Ming Ansheng grabbed her arm instead. There was a faint smile on his lips as he said, “Yueyue, you care a lot about me right?”

    “I I don’t need your concern, actually.”

    Su Yue widened her eyes in confusion. She didn’t understand what Ming Ansheng meant. Was he no longer in love with her?

    Her huge and clear eyes were sparkling.

    Ming Ansheng quipped, “Aren’t you afraid that your boyfriend would be unhappy if he knew that you came to visit me?”

    ‘Young Master Ming, stop asking the obvious! You are acting like a woman!’

    “It’s all your fault. He doesn’t want me anymore,” Su Yue grumbled angrily, and her eyes glistened.

    She hung her head and fiddled with her fingers.

    ‘It’s all your fault. He doesn’t want me anymore’

    The moment Ming Ansheng heard her, he understood why they broke up.

    His heart was pounding with excitement.

    Not just excitement. His happiness was beyond words.