Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1269

    Chapter 1269 We Can Only Have An Underground Relationship Part Two

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    Furthermore, Uncle Ming’s grandfather hated the Yan family and Third Brother. What future could she possibly have with Uncle Ming?

    It was impossible!

    Su Yue was lost in her own thoughts during the lesson in the afternoon. She didn’t take in a single word during the entire class.

    After class, she kept her books and stationery and left the room.

    “Su Yue, you did well today.”

    Su Yue was about to go down the staircase when her professor caught up with her. He even complimented her.

    She was completely at sea. “Huh?”

    She did well today?

    The professor smiled and said, “You didn’t fall asleep today and your attitude has improved. Keep it up.”

    Su Yue was speechless.

    She blushed instantly at his compliments. She wanted to say that she was too troubled to fall asleep.

    But that was the first time that she was praised by her teacher ever since she started her university classes.

    She should gracefully accept his compliments.

    Su Yue smiled sheepishly.

    She scratched the back of her head as she bade goodbye to her professor. She then descended the stairs.

    When she went back to her dormitory, she flung her bag on the floor and hastily left.

    She sprinted towards the South entrance.

    She hailed a taxi almost immediately and she scrambled in.

    “To Brocade Park.”

    ‘Yes, Brocade Park!’

    Uncle Ming’s health was troubling her the entire afternoon in class.

    She felt that instead of feeling vexed and troubled, she should face reality and muster her courage. Bai Jing said that she needed to be firm and she wanted to give it a try.

    Su Yue had no idea where Ming Ansheng could be. But Ming Ansheng had told her before that his family didn’t know about his apartment at Brocade Park. Only his close friends such as Lu Yinan and Third Brother knew.

    She had no clue, so this was the only place she could start with.

    Brocade Park’s security was really stringent, and Su Yue had to think of a way to sneak in. She planned to wait for one of the residents to arrive so that she could sneak in.

    After waiting for some time, there was still no one in sight. It was freezing cold that day and most people were huddled at home.

    “Which apartment unit are you going to?” A security guard saw Su Yue pacing to and fro outside the building, and he warily sized her up.

    Su Yue turned and glanced at the guard. “I”

    She was about to answer him when the security guard interjected. “Oh, I recognize you. You are going to apartment number 15.”

    Uncle Ming’s apartment was indeed number 15 and Su Yue smiled. “Yeah.”

    “Come in.” He opened the gates for Su Yue.

    Su Yue entered and thanked the guard.

    She hastened her footsteps towards Uncle Ming’s apartment.

    A lady hiding behind the bushes strode out and smiled at Su Yue’s diminishing figure. She retraced her gaze and smiled at the security guard. “Thank you.”

    Su Yue entered the elevator with cold palms. She was nervous and jittery.

    What if Ming Ansheng was really inside his apartment? What should she say to him?

    The elevator reached the level and she stepped out.

    Su Yue nervously clenched her sleeves and walked quietly to Ming Ansheng’s apartment. She took a deep breath before mustering her courage to press the doorbell.

    ‘Ding dong, ding dong!’

    After she pressed it a few times, she waited in suspense. But no one responded.

    Wasn’t he at home?

    Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at the door. She had assumed that he would be home, and that was why she was so nervous.