Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1268

    Chapter 1268 We Can Only Have An Underground Relationship Part One

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    Su Yue fell into deep thought once more.

    ‘He suffers from gastric pain often, and the doctor says that he needs a thorough checkup for his stomach…’

    “His stomach is bleeding? So serious?!”

    Bai Jing sounded completely shocked.

    Su Yue’s heart skipped a beat, and she anxiously glanced at Bai Jing. “Is it really that serious?”

    She had no idea how severe or serious it could be.

    Bai Jing nodded and pounded on, “Certainly! If his stomach is bleeding, it’s not something to joke about. I reckon it’s caused by heavy smoking and drinking.”

    Su Yue listened intently to Bai Jing and she became more anxious. “So what should he do?”

    Bai Jing frowned as she answered, “Quit smoking and drinking. Then go for treatment. That should be it.”

    Su Yue nodded slowly and fell into a daze once more.

    Bai Jing called her once more, “Su Yue.”

    “Huh?” Su Yue glanced at Bai Jing, looking doubtful.

    “You…” Bai Jing hesitated for a second. “You are not going to look for him?”

    Su Yue knew who Bai Jing was referring to. She frowned in response and sighed heavily. “Jiaojiao really broke up with me,” said Su Yue.

    All the rumors were true and Jiaojiao didn’t want her anymore.

    It was all her fault and she knew that she deserved it.

    Bai Jing observed Su Yue closely and asked, “I thought you didn’t like him?”

    Bai Jing was right—she didn’t like Jiaojiao. But… Su Yue stroked her left chest and said, “But my heart hurts, especially when I saw him this morning.”

    She was really sad to see Jiao Chen that morning. She began to have flashbacks of their past and everything they had done together.

    To her, everything she had done with him was really precious.

    It was true that she was sad when she broke up with Jiao Chen. But something was lacking when she compared that kind of sadness to Uncle Ming.

    What was lacking?

    She was sad, but… it wasn’t painful!

    Yes, she wasn’t heartbroken.

    When Uncle Ming defended Tang Feiling and lectured her in public, she was completely heartbroken. She didn’t feel that feeling of suffocation when she broke up with Jiao Chen.

    Su Yue fell into a deep reverie and Bai Jing loudly chided, “I already told you so, but you turned a deaf ear.”

    Su Yue sighed and quipped, “Yeah.”

    She was too silly and naïve to believe that she would fall in love with Jiao Chen in time to come. She thought that she could forget Uncle Ming in that way.

    But two months went by and not only she didn’t forget about him, but she also seemed to have plunged deeper.

    Bai Jing answered, “You need to be clear and firm.”

    Su Yue didn’t quite understand and she asked, “Clear and firm?”

    How was she supposed to be clear and firm?

    Bai Jing solemnly expounded, “If you don’t intend to continue your relationship with Jiao Chen, then don’t be sad. And don’t look for him anymore as it’s unfair to Jiao Chen.”

    “But…” Bai Jing paused before asking, “Are you sure you will have a future with your Uncle Ming? I heard that his grandfather hates your family, especially your Third Brother. He really loathed your Third Brother.”

    Su Yue was a little startled to hear that. “How did you know?”

    ‘Uncle Ming’s grandfather loathed Third Brother? But why?’

    What feud did they have between them?

    Bai Jing answered, “Lei Yong told me. But I don’t know the details.”

    Su Yue nodded in response.

    ‘He will never let an illegitimate daughter whose mother was a mistress, enter the Ming family’s doors…’

    Uncle Ming had mentioned that his linked marriage with Tang Feiling was arranged by the elders of their families. His grandfather had emphasized heavily on family status.