Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1267 1

    Chapter 1267 Yueyue I Miss You Part Eight

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    It startled Su Yue. “Huh?”

    Did she hear it wrongly? This aunt requested to look at her chest? In the cafe?

    “It’s all right.” Wang Yuexiang assumed that Su Yue had rejected her. She didn’t insist and put on an apologetic expression. “Tang Feiling went overboard and you’ve suffered,” said Wang Yuexiang in a gentle voice.

    She was all in favor of her son canceling the wedding with that ruthless woman.

    “It’s all right.” Su Yue stammered, looking confused.

    She didn’t mean to say that she was all right. She hated Tang Feiling so much that even if she really caused Ming Ansheng and her wedding to be canceled, she didn’t feel sorry or guilty at all.

    She knew that she didn’t forget the pain she had suffered.

    So how would she be fine when Tang Feiling had tormented her?

    Su Yue hung her head, chiding herself for being so stupid. She was merely Uncle Ming’s mother and she was already tongue-tied.

    Their desserts and drinks arrived, and Su Yue used a spoon to scoop the cream off of the mousse. She stared at Wang Yuexiang as she ate the cream.

    She really wanted to know why she looked for her.

    Su Yue was at a loss for words when Wang Yuexiang interjected, “Ansheng”

    She sounded as though her words were choked. Su Yue instinctively watched her to study her expression.

    Her heart violently thudded against her chest at the mention of Ming Ansheng’s name.

    Wang Yuexiang paused for a second before expounded, “He drank too much yesterday and his stomach is bleeding. But he refused to get treatment. Last night, Lu Yinan sent him to the hospital but this morning, he left after waking up.”

    Su Yue’s heart plummeted.‘His stomach was bleeding how serious was it?’Su Yue thought to herself.

    She nervously gazed at Wang Yuexiang.

    Wang Yuexiang glanced at her and spoke up. “I’m here to seek your help. Can you help me advise him to get treatment? He suffers from gastric pain often and the doctor says that he needs a thorough checkup for his stomach.”

    Su Yue stared at her cup in silence for some time without moving.

    A crease appeared in between her eyebrows and she seemed conflicted and hesitant.

    Wang Yuexiang said, “I have no clue regarding his current whereabouts. His grandfather has sent people to look for him, but we still can’t locate him. Can you treat it as I’m pleading to you for help?”

    Her tone conveyed her concern and love for her son.

    Her expression looked so pitiful.

    “I” Su Yue bit her lips helplessly.

    Wang Yuexiang smiled and said, “Little girl, I won’t force you. If you can help me look for him and urge him to go for a checkup, I’ll be grateful. If you aren’t willing, I won’t blame you.”

    She raised her cup and took a sip of her coffee.

    Wang Yuexiang sent Su Yue back to school. On the way back, Wang Yuexiang tried chatting with Su Yue, but her replies were curt and short.

    So their conversation didn’t last long.

    Su Yue bent her head as she dragged herself back to the dormitory. She collapsed on her bed after entering her room.

    Bai Jing was in the midst of doing her homework when she glanced at Su Yue. “Su Yue, who was she?”

    “Uncle Ming’s mother,” Su Yue lightly answered.

    It startled Bai Jing. “Huh? Why did she look for you?”

    A gleam flashed in her eyes as she tried to hazard a guess.

    “Hmmm” Su Yue stared at the ceiling and replied, “Uncle Ming is unwell. His stomach is bleeding. His mother wants me to look for him.”