Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1266 5

    Chapter 1266 Yueyue I Miss You Part Seven

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    The woman spoke casually.

    She felt that this woman seemed friendly and familiar, and there wasn’t a need to be wary of her.

    This was how she always used her instincts to judge people.

    The woman broke into a gentle and warm smile when she heard Su Yue.

    Bai Jing’s face was grave, and she knew that Su Yue wanted her to leave them alone.

    She forced a tiny smile and said, “I’ll go back first.”

    She swept past the woman and swiftly glanced askew at her.

    The woman didn’t notice Bai Jing at all, as she gazed at Su Yue intently.

    After Bai Jing entered the dormitory, the woman smiled and said to Su Yue, “Su Yue, I’m Ansheng’s mother.”

    Su Yue widened her eyes in surprise as she stared at Wang Yuexiang’s face. She didn’t utter a sound for a long time.

    No wonder she felt so familiar.

    As she carefully studied her eyes, she realized that her eyes really resembled Ming Ansheng’s eyes.

    But why did Uncle Ming’s mother look for her?

    Was it because his mother saw their photo together or she found out that she liked Uncle Ming? Was she here to warn her not to look for Uncle Ming ever again?

    Su Yue anxiously pondered in her heart, and her palms were cold with sweat.

    She didn’t dare to look into Wang Yuexiang’s eyes out of fear and guilt.

    She was afraid that Wang Yuexiang would label her as a third party, just like how Tang Feiling did. She might berate her for seducing her son since she hadindeedruined their wedding.

    “Let’s go to the cafe outside your school and get a drink, shall we?” softly said Wang Yuexiang.

    She sized up Su Yue as she spoke, and the expression in her eyes contained immense fondness.

    ‘A drink?’Her suggestion had startled Su Yue. She warily stared at Wang Yuexiang’s benevolent-looking face.

    His mother didn’t scold her, and she even smiled at her. Why did she smile at her?

    “What’s wrong? Do you have class later?” Wang Yuexiang noticed that Su Yue was silent and she pressed on, “I won’t take up too much of your time. Is it okay?”

    Su Yue snapped out of her thoughts and instinctively nodded. “Okay.”

    She seemed so silly and nave, and Wang Yuexiang affectionately smiled at her.

    “Let’s go.” Wang Yuexiang stretched her hand towards Su Yue.

    She knew that it was less crowded at the South entrance, so she chose that route.

    Wang Yuexiang’s car was parked outside, and her chauffeur hastily opened the door when he spotted them coming.

    Wang Yuexiang brought Su Yue to a cafe that was a short distance away from the school. It was afternoon, hence, most of the good seats were occupied.

    So, Wang Yuexiang got the chauffeur to make arrangements for a table.

    Su Yue ordered hot chocolate and the waiter turned to Wang Yuexiang. She smiled and instructed the waiter, “Give her a slice of strawberry mousse as well.”

    Su Yue gazed at her, looking puzzled. Why did she order a slice of strawberry mousse for her?

    Wang Yuexiang ordered a cup of coffee.

    After the waiter left, Wang Yuexiang beamed at Su Yue. “You’re so adorable, so I think you will like strawberries.”

    Being adorable meant that she liked strawberries? Su Yue blinked in confusion and didn’t understand that theory.

    Wang Yuexiang ignored her confusion and peered at her left chest. “Is your wound still hurting?”

    She seemed as though she was genuinely concerned.

    Su Yue shook her head and replied, “I’ve recovered.”

    “Can you show me your wound?” Wang Yuexiang briefly hesitated before asking Su Yue.