Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1265 9

    Chapter 1265 Yueyue I Miss You Part Six

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    But the more Su Yue tried to appear nonchalant, the more vicious and mean their remarks got.

    Bai Jing couldnt control her temper any longer and she slammed the table. She furiously glared at a knot of girls, sitting at a nearby table. They were the loudest. "Are your mouths merely just to spread gossip?!" shouted Bai Jing.

    "We didnt gossip about you. Why are you so angry?"

    "Is it because we didnt gossip about you being kept by an old man recently, and you feel weird?"

    "You must be jealous that youre not famous enough."

    "A pair of b*tches!"

    These girls didnt sound like university students as they spat malicious remarks at all.

    Bai Jing angrily stood up to confront them. Su Yue suddenly stretched her hand to stop her. "Bai Jing, dont do it. Just let them be."

    She shouldnt bother about them since they couldnt control others mouths.

    Su Yues behavior had startled Bai Jing, and she glanced at Su Yues hand which was grabbing her arm. She then stared at Su Yue and said, "Su Yue, they were so horrible to you."

    "I just want peace and some quiet."

    After this matter, she never wanted to be in the limelight ever again. She vowed to spend her university life in peace.

    "These people are so horrible!" Bai Jing collapsed on her chair and threw an ugly look at them once again.

    The girls stuck up their noses in victory.

    Bai Jing clenched her hands tightly, and the expression in her eyes was hard and cold with hatred.

    Su Yue glimpsed her expression and it startled her. This Bai Jing seemed like a total stranger.

    Although her appearance and style didnt change at all, she seemed so cold and distant earlier on.

    Bai Jing noticed Su Yue staring at her and she asked, "What happened?"

    "Nothing much." Su Yue shook her head and smiled. "Lets eat."

    Bai Jing will always be Bai Jing. Why would she change?

    After their meal, they went back to their dormitory.

    Gusts of strong winds ruffled their hair as they walked back to their dormitory. Bai Jing took out the card to open the door.

    "Are you Su Yue?"

    Suddenly, an unfamiliar female voice was heard coming from the front.

    Su Yue looked up and saw an elegant middle-aged woman who seemed like she was in her fifties. She had dark brown curls and she was wearing a long thick plum coat that ended beyond her knees. She was holding a LV handbag in her arm as she stared at Su Yue.

    Her expression appeared she had something to say, but she couldnt bring herself to say it.

    Su Yue sized her up from head to toe. Although she was in her fifties, she was still beautiful, especially her eyes. Incredibly, her eyes seemed distinctly familiar.

    Bai Jing gazed at the woman, looking curious. She whispered to Su Yue, "Who is she?"

    Su Yue shook her head and replied, "I dont know her."

    She had never met this woman before, but she liked her from the first look.

    The woman carefully surveyed Su Yue before taking big strides towards her.

    She glanced at Bai Jing, looking apprehensive.

    Bai Jing could tell that the woman was awkward with her, but she remained on the spot.

    "Su Yue, can I talk to you in private?" The woman finally spoke up.

    She didnt introduce herself, which made Bai Jing assume that she was suspicious. "You better remember the previous incident and dont trust strangers so easily."

    Instead, Su Yue smiled as she commented, "I feel that this aunt is not a stranger."