Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1264 4

    Chapter 1264 Yueyue I Miss You Part Five

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    Regardless of whether Su Yue had any feelings towards Jiao Chen or not, she still had to face him.

    Xuxu just had a hunch that it wasnt over for Jiao Chen and Su Yue. Their lives would continue to intertwined in the future.

    Su Yue nodded in response.

    Xuxu glanced at Jiao Chen and said, "Im leaving first."

    Jiao Chen nodded slightly at Xuxu with a warm smile.

    After Xuxu walked away, Jiao Chens gaze landed on Su Yue. "Is your wound better now?" asked Jiao Chen in a soft voice.

    His genuine concern made Su Yue feel guilty once again.

    Su Yue nodded and replied, "Yes, Im fine now."

    "Why are you staring at the ground?" asked Jiao Chen as he raised his eyebrows.

    Su Yue lifted her head to peer at Jiaojiao. She spluttered nervously, "Jiaojiao"

    Jiao Chen chuckled, looking amused. "Are you stammering?"

    "Do you really want to break up with me?" Su Yue stared at him with an intense gaze.

    Su Yue was unsure of her feelings towards Jiao Chen as she was feeling conflicted. She was probably reluctant to part with him.

    Yes, that must be reluctance.

    As compared to Ming Ansheng, she felt that Jiao Chen was flawless and perfect. The only problem was that she didnt like him.

    She was so frustrated. Why was love so complex and difficult to understand? Why couldnt she control her feelings?

    So, she was feeling confused and lost now, and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Jiao Chens smile froze on his face. "Su Yue, I dont wish to delve in too deep. It would be impossible for me to get out in the time to come."

    His tone carried a tinge of helplessness and sorrow.

    He was standing at the edge of a cliff right now. If he didnt want to fall and shatter to pieces, he had to give up this relationship first.

    "I got it." Su Yue nodded lightly. "Jiaojiao, Im sorry."

    She bent her head and felt as though a huge rock had her chest was constricted.

    Was it considered an official break up?

    Her heart was grieving.

    Jiao Chen gazed at Su Yue and noticed how pitiful and small she looked. His heart softened and he stroked her hair. "Silly girl, you dont have to say sorry."

    His warm and huge palm brought warmth to Su Yue. It felt so close and real.

    Su Yue suddenly exploded and she shoved Jiao Chen away. "You are so horrible!" cried Su Yue.

    She fled as she cried.

    She wiped her tears as she ran. She seemed to have used up all her tears in her 18 years within these few days.

    Su Yue was the most famous person in school right now, and everyones attention was on her.

    Someone spotted Su Yue pushing Jiao Chen away and running away in tears. Someone uploaded a photo on the school forum and everyone began to gossip. Everyone deduced that they had broken up, and the reason was that Su Yue was caught holding hands with Ming Ansheng in public. In a nutshell, Jiao Chen had dumped Su Yue.

    All eyes were on Su Yue where ever she went, and it was accompanied by malicious and horrible gossip.

    Su Yue and Bai Jing went to the canteen for lunch. As expected, everyone had fixed their eyes on Su Yue.

    She had already expected this, and that was why she was adamant on appearing before everyone else. She wanted to go back to how she was like before, the Su Yue who didnt bother about what others said of her.

    She kept telling herself not to get affected by the gossip, and that they couldnt hurt her.