Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1263

    Chapter 1263 Yueyue I Miss You Part Four

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    Su Yues heart missed a beat. Her blaming words were stuck in her throat.

    She clenched her phone and held her breath, keeping quiet.

    On the other end, Ming Ansheng said nothing further. A sad song played in the background.

    Other than restaurants, Su Yue had never been to any other entertainment outlets, so she didnt know where Ming Ansheng was.

    When she heard the song, she felt like crying even when the tears on her eyelashes hadnt dried yet.

    "Sleep early."

    After a while, Ming Ansheng piped up, helpless and devastated.

    Without waiting for her reply, he hung up.

    Su Yue stared at the screen.

    Yueyue, I miss you. Can you come out?


    "Ah" The phone slipped through her fingers and fell on her face. She came to her senses and cried out in pain.

    The heavy phone fell on her cheekbone and it felt as though her cheek was burning in pain. "So annoying."

    Su Yue threw the phone at the head of the bed angrily, then hid under the covers.

    You cant waver. Su Yue, you cant waver.

    Su Yue had been away for ten days, including her stay in the hospital and at home. The next day, Su Yue woke up early and requested to return to school.

    She had been in torturous pain a few days ago, but these few days, her wounds didnt hurt anymore. But her mind went wild now and then.

    She would go mad if she carried on like this.

    She wanted to return to school to find something to do, not let herself be idle.

    She cooped herself up in her room the whole of yesterday, refusing to eat and drink. So Xuxu didnt stop her when she requested to head back to school.

    She understood her internal struggle and agony.

    She had to let her face it herself. If she kept sheltering her, she wouldnt grow up.

    She would be at a loss every time she met an obstacle.

    Xuxu personally sent Su Yue to school.

    There were fallen leaves all over the floor in the school campus during winter. Some of them danced in the breeze and others lay quietly on the ground.

    Xuxu held onto her elbow. They chatted about happy things as they walked.

    "Lets see how your third brother fares. If he doesnt meet our standard these few days, lets ditch him and leave for Country M together."

    Su Yue imagined the annoyance Yan Rusheng would feel if Xuxu were to ditch him and she smiled.

    If that were to happen, her third brother would surely hate her to death.

    She gazed forward and her expression suddenly stilled. She stopped in her steps.

    "If you were to" Xuxu continued, turning to look at her.

    When she saw that she was in a daze, she looked over as well. The cheerful and sunny boy was standing there in his sports attire, his hands tucked into his gray jersey shorts.

    His beautiful eyes stared over and met Su Yues.

    "Jiao Chen."

    Xuxu froze but came to her senses first, smiling at Jiao Chen.

    She held onto Su Yues elbow and led her towards Jiao Chen.

    He started walking over, too.

    When they met, Su Yue looked downwards and rubbed her shoe against the floor.

    Xuxu looked at Jiao Chen, then at Su Yue. She smiled and said, "Yueyue, I wont send you back to your dormitory. Ill head home first."

    She cried so badly yesterday because Jiao Chen broke up with her. She had to face this herself.