Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1262

    Chapter 1262 Yueyue I Miss You Part Three

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    Then a voice echoed.

    Xuxu entered and looked at the bed. From the lump under the covers, it was obvious that Su Yue was hiding under it.

    “Yueyue…” she called gently.

    Su Yue didn’t respond. She sighed helplessly and shook her head, walking over with light footsteps.

    She sat on her bed and grabbed the covers, trying to flip it over.

    Su Yue expected this, so she clutched tightly to the covers.

    Xuxu didn’t force her and she let go. Heart aching, she looked at her and whispered, “Yueyue, get up and eat. You haven’t eaten in a day.”

    “Third sister-in-law, I don’t feel like eating.”

    Her voice was nasal, so it was obvious that she was crying.

    “What’s there to be sad about? I told you before that liking someone is not embarrassing,” Xuxu said as she gently lifted the covers off her.

    Su Yue was lying on her side, back-facing her, her body trembling.

    “Yueyue.” Xuxu’s heart ached. “Listen to me, get up and eat something.”

    She grabbed her elbow and pulled her up. She hugged her tightly when she saw her red puffy eyes. “Let’s not be sad. Don’t be sad anymore, okay?”

    Su Yue suddenly grabbed Xuxu’s waist and cried, “Third sister-in-law, Jiaojiao broke up with me. I’ve let him down.”

    Her words were choked and she bawled like a child.

    Jiao Chen’s face filled her mind the entire day. She forced herself to think of Jiao Chen instead of Ming Ansheng.

    She didn’t know why it was such a torture to like someone.

    “Silly girl, Jiao Chen won’t blame you,” Xuxu cajoled, patting her back gently.

    She comforted, “This is something everyone goes through in their growing years. I was once your age. Many first loves don’t get happy endings, but that’s okay. Look at your third brother and I, aren’t we very happy now? Everything will get better…”

    Su Yue kept quiet, still sobbing.

    After a while, she let go of Xuxu and turned around, lying down on the bed, back-facing her again. “Third sister-in-law, I don’t feel like eating. I want to have a nap. I need some quiet time.”

    Xuxu didn’t force her. “Sure, come out for a bite later.”

    Su Yue nodded.

    Xuxu stared after her and sighed, standing up to leave.

    When Su Yue heard the door close shut, she turned around slowly. She stared at the door, rubbing her eyes, but her tears still flowing uncontrollably.

    ‘Many first loves don’t get happy endings, but that’s okay…’

    Was it true?

    Su Yue thought about her words and went into a daze.

    Suddenly, her phone rang, snapping her out of her reverie.

    She picked up her phone and glanced at the screen. The name of the caller made her heart palpitate wildly.

    She ignored the call and placed the phone on the bedside drawer. Her phone rang again and again.

    ‘Su Yue, let’s break up!’

    Su Yue suddenly grabbed her phone and answered the call. She placed it by her ear and said, “You’re so annoy—”

    The man’s drunken voice interrupted her.

    He said, “Yueyue, Yueyue… What should I do?”

    His voice was pained, and she froze.

    She remained silent and he said in a softer tone of voice, “Yueyue, I miss you. Can you come out?”