Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1261

    Chapter 1261 Yueyue I Miss You Part Two

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    “Wang Yuexiang, are you defying me too?”

    First, it was Ming Ansheng, now his daughter-in-law started talking back too. Ming Zhongsheng was enraged. “Don’t forget that your family still requires the Ming’s help to clean up their mess.”

    “That’s enough. I don’t want Bright Vision anymore,” Ming Ansheng suddenly appeared and announced. He walked over to his mother and stood beside her, glaring at Ming Zhongsheng.

    “I’ve let my grandmother down. I owe her a life, so take mine.”

    He then smashed a bottle against the wall, the glass shattered into pieces.

    Immediately, he walked towards the stairs.

    “Ansheng” His mother chased after him.

    Ming Ansheng ignored her and continued walking. He brushed past Ming Zhongsheng and everyone else.

    They called out to him, trying to persuade him, but nobody dared to pull him to a stop.

    In their household, there were only two real masters: Old Master and Ming Ansheng.

    “Ansheng” His mother continued chasing after him.

    Old Master followed them to the staircase. When he saw Ming Ansheng furiously storming away, he almost couldn’t catch his breath. He held onto the railing and yelled at his daughter-in-law, “Don’t chase after him. Let him leave. Once he steps out of this house, he won’t be allowed back in again.”

    He was the grandson he had nurtured for over twenty years; he felt was most suitable to be his successor.

    But he defied him because of an illegitimate daughter!

    Ming Ansheng had just arrived home so his car was still in the courtyard, and his car keys were still in it. He walked over to the driver’s seat and opened the door, getting in.

    He locked the door and started the car before his mother could reach him.

    The headlights turned on.

    She stood before the car, looking at him, her pleading eyes glistening with tears.

    His heart clenched when he saw her, but he started the engine.

    The butler was afraid that he would be in trouble, so he opened the gates and Ming Ansheng sped out of the courtyard.

    It was below zero degrees during December in the capital city. His car window was open and the chilly breeze blew into the car, striking his handsome face.

    ‘Xiaosheng, listen to your grandfather. You must listen to him, study hard and share his burden’

    His grandmother’s orders rang in his ears and Su Yue’s delicate, innocent face flashed through his mind.

    He had never been so at a loss.

    He stepped on the accelerator and the black Mercedes flew into the dark night.

    It was as though the driver didn’t want to live anymore.

    That’s right. If death had taken him instead of his grandmother, he wouldn’t have to live in self-blame, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with a girl he could never have, and he wouldn’t be as troubled as he was now.

    But why? Why didn’t he die instead?

    Su Yue cried for more than an hour and her eyes became as swollen as light bulbs.

    She still buried her head in the covers, and she felt like she couldn’t face anyone.

    She had fallen in love with Uncle Mingher third brother and third sister-in-law’s friend, an engaged manand hurt Jiaojiao, the boy who was so good to her, all because of this man.

    ‘Su Yue, why don’t you just die?’

    Su Yue felt like she shouldn’t have been alive in the first place. What was her purpose in living?

    Knock, knock, knock.

    She heard a series of knocks and ignored them.