Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1260

    Chapter 1260 Yueyue I Miss You Part One

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    ‘Xiaosheng, listen to your grandfather. You must listen to him, study hard and share his burden’

    The image of his grandmother lying in a pool of blood flashed through his mind. She was grabbing his hand, talking to him. Ming Ansheng clenched his fists and tears covered his sinister gaze.

    He stared at the old woman, her last words ringing in his ears.

    ‘Help me take care of your Grandfather. Promise me’

    Ming Zhongsheng was still berating him angrily.

    But he didn’t hear any of it. He didn’t need to. All those years, his grandmother was his soft spot. Her death was something he couldn’t get over.

    Breaking up with Meiduo, getting engaged to Tang Feiling, going for all sorts of training to be the next successorall this, he didn’t resist.

    Lu Yinan and Third Yan had tried to persuade him, but he just couldn’t get over her death.

    “Are you not letting your late Grandmother down by disobeying me like this?” Ming Zhongsheng berated.


    Ming Ansheng suddenly turned around. He then stormed towards the staircase.

    He ignored Ming Zhongsheng’s yells.

    ‘Aren’t you letting your late grandmother down’

    ‘Su Yue, Su Yue!’

    But he wanted Su Yue Then he realized he couldn’t get over Su Yue either.

    Ming Ansheng went upstairs and walked past all the bystanders. He didn’t stop and his cold expression made the atmosphere chilly.

    He entered the study room.

    And he slammed the door shut.

    Ming Ansheng walked straight toward the wine cupboard. He picked a random bottle of red wine and opened it, chugging it down.

    He didn’t stop drinking even as he walked to the door and opened it.

    “Ansheng” his mother said. She was standing by the door, a look of worry plastered on her face.

    Her heart ached even more when she saw him chugging the red wine. “Son, don’t be like this. You’ll collapse.”

    He was caught in a fight before that he could even eat a single mouthful of dinner.

    Anger towards Old Master bubbled within her as well.

    But in this household, they treated the old man like an emperor. His command was like a royal edict and nobody dared to defy him.

    Only Ming Ansheng dared to talk back a few times.

    Ming Ansheng ignored his mother and walked towards his room.

    She followed after him but the door slammed in her face, and she was left staring at the door in a daze.

    She then came to her senses and sighed helplessly. “Aish!”

    “What’s there for your heart to ache about?”

    Old Master had come upstairs and he glared at her, yelling coldly.

    He realized that Ming Ansheng was getting out of hand, especially when it came to Su Yue.

    How could the future lady boss of Bright Vision be an illegitimate daughter?

    “Dad” She finally mustered the courage to raise her voice at him after tens of years. She asked, “Are you trying to hound him to his death? He’s your grandson.”

    Which mother didn’t feel heartache when their child was being controlled, unable to have a say in their own marriage and lifelong happiness?

    How could she not feel any heartache?

    Ming Zhongsheng coldly snorted. “It’s precisely because he’s my grandson. Do you think the Ming family would bring an illegitimate child home?”

    She frowned and unhappily grumbled, “Dad, how could you say that?”