Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1259 5

    Chapter 1259 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Eleven

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    He said that he would like her only when she liked him. But after so many days, he fell for her before she even fell for him.

    She hated herself.

    She hated how she was so detestable. Why was she so annoying?

    The grandest mansion in the capital city.

    Ming Ansheng felt the tension in the air the moment he entered the quiet living room.

    He changed his shoes and walked through the front porch. The old man was sitting on the sofa, his expression cold. Ming Ansheng wasnt surprised.

    He glanced over plainly and continued walking forward.

    "Ming Ansheng, what are you trying to do?"

    When he saw that Ming Ansheng had walked past the sofa with no intention of stopping, Ming Zhongsheng suddenly stood up in a fit of anger. He grabbed the newspaper on the coffee table and rolled it up, bashing Ming Anshengs face.

    "I asked you, what are you trying to do?!"

    "What am I trying to do?" Ming Ansheng didnt dodge. The newspaper hit his face, and the next moment it fell to the ground. He turned to look at Ming Zhongsheng coolly, raising his eyebrow.

    "What can I do?"

    "I told you to cut off all ties with that illegitimate daughter. Look at this, look at whats written on it," Ming Zhongsheng bellowed, pointing at the newspaper on the ground, his body trembling in fury.

    How could his grandson be involved with an illegitimate daughter?

    What more, she was an illegitimate daughter of the Yan family. All the more he disapproved.

    Ming Ansheng glanced over it and smiled. "Its written quite well. The paparazzi who took this has good skills."

    "You" Ming Zhongsheng almost fainted from anger.

    A worried crowd gathered at the staircase entrance on the second floor, but nobody dared to make their way down.

    Because Old Master had given a command: Nobody was to go downstairs without his permission. Even all the maids had been chased out.

    Ming Ansheng remained calm. The corner of his lips curled up in a smile. "Grandfather, youre getting on in years. The doctor reminded you not to get agitated so easily. Did you forget?"

    Ming Zhongsheng pointed at him. "Ming Ansheng, are you trying to go against me? Are you disobeying my commands?"

    "Grandfather, youre already so old, cant you try letting go?" Ming Ansheng suddenly said in all seriousness. He looked at Ming Zhongsheng.

    "When you gave Meiduo the cheque that day, did you even think about me? In your eyes, is anyone even worthy of your respect?"

    His expression turned cold once more.

    Guilt flashed through Ming Zhongshengs eyes, but he remained adamant. He frowned and said, "That woman complained to you?"

    Without waiting for his reply, his lips curled coldly, his smile full of mock. "Didnt she say that she wouldnt tell you? That she would leave silently? Shes quite the actress. Shes so two-faced, youre lucky you broke up with her."

    Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrow. "Does she have to complain to me? This has always been your style."

    Ming Zhongsheng turned his anger into a smile. "Please tell me what my style is."

    Ming Ansheng ignored him and said, "I just returned and I dont want to argue with you. Grandfather, if you keep trying to pick a fight every day, for the sake of your health, I think its better if I moved out for a while."

    He walked towards the staircase.

    "Ming Ansheng, come back here now. You come over" Ming Zhongsheng suddenly grabbed Ming Ansheng and dragged him over to the huge Grandfather clock.

    Beside the Grandfather clock, on the fragrance hall, was a portrait of a benevolent and kind old woman.

    Ming Zhongsheng pointed at the portrait and said, "Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten what your grandmother instructed you on her deathbed?"