Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1258

    Chapter 1258 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Ten

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    Su Yue squatted and wound her arms around her legs. She buried her face and began to sob pitifully.

    Ming Ansheng became stiff when he heard Su Yue’s sobs.

    He stopped himself from turning around and marched ahead.

    Su Yue sensed that Ming Ansheng was getting further away. She gazed at his back as more tears gushed down.

    She used her sleeves to wipe her tears—over and over again.

    Su Yue was anxious that she and Ming Ansheng would snap during the time they were together. Despite being cautious, someone still snapped a photo of Ming Ansheng holding her hand.

    Su Yue was so frustrated when she saw the photo circulating online. How she wished she could rip that culprit to pieces.

    She stayed in her room the entire day and refused to step out.

    She didn’t dare to face Wen Xuxu or anyone else. She had disappointed everyone.

    Especially Jiao Chen.

    This was the first time she felt such guilt towards Jiao Chen. What have she done?

    This wasn’t the first time it happened, and he didn’t ask her about it. He even concealed the truth and spun a lie.

    Su Yue stared at her phone and was lost in hesitation for the entire day. She finally dialed Jiao Chen’s number.

    The call went through, and Jiao Chen answered.

    “Jiaojiao,” Su Yue called him nervously and continued, “Yesterday when I ate at a restaurant, they gave me two cups. And it had our photo on it.”

    She paused and began to stammer, “But…”

    “Su Yue, let’s break up.”

    Jiao Chen suddenly interjected Su Yue’s words.

    Su Yue felt as though someone had clenched her heart and squeezed it tightly. She spluttered, trying to explain, “Jiaojiao… I…”

    Jiao Chen didn’t let her continue and interrupted. “I’m too busy to spend time with you.”

    Su Yue’s eyes glistened as she clenched the phone tightly. She didn’t want to sound as though she was crying. “You must be furious, right?”

    He must be. She had hurt Jiaojiao indeed.

    Su Yue hated herself.

    Jiao Chen’s voice sounded nonchalant. “I’m not angry because I know that you don’t like me. Actually, I… don’t really like you too,” said Jiao Chen.

    He paused for a second in the middle of his sentence. It was obvious that he had struggled and mustered enough courage to say those words.

    He pressed on lightly, to hide his agony. “I only needed a girlfriend to pass the time. You… don’t have to take it to heart.”

    Su Yue still didn’t entirely believe him despite his efforts to conceal his true feelings. She may be naïve but she wasn’t a child any longer. She knew how Jiao Chen felt towards her, especially in the past few days.

    And because of this reason, she felt worse and even more guilty.


    Su Yue couldn’t conceal her emotions any longer and her voice shuddered.

    Jiao Chen consoled her softly, “Stop crying, I’m really not angry. I do feel guilty as well, Su Yue.”

    Su Yue sniffed and said, “It’s my fault.”

    Her voice was choked, and she couldn’t continue any longer. She hung up.

    She pulled the blanket over her head and bawled loudly.

    ‘Why did this happen? Why did things end up like this?’

    She felt so sorry for Jiaojiao. He brought food for her to her dormitory every day and exercised with her.

    He brought her back to his dormitory when she had nowhere else to go.

    He appeared in the middle of the night and said that he looked for her because he missed her.