Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1257 1

    Chapter 1257 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Nine

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    Ming Ansheng had already felt uncomfortable looking at the photo printed on the cups. When the waiter mentioned the wordcouple cupsagain, he became upset.

    He rose, picked up his coat, and parted the curtains.

    He felt a little tipsy earlier on, and when he stood up, everything went pitch-black for a second that he almost fell.

    Fortunately, he managed to gain a firm footing.

    Su Yue could tell that Ming Ansheng was drunk. She stared at the towering figure as he stumbled forward. She then shook her head helplessly.

    She glanced at the pink box on the table which contained the cups. The paper bag was really exquisite, too.

    She exhaled and picked up the paper bag before leaving.

    Ming Ansheng had already exited the restaurant, and he leaned against the pillar.

    There was a cigarette in his hand and he hung his head low, puffing away.

    Su Yue strode to him and said, "Uncle Ming, Im going home."

    She didnt wait for Ming Ansheng and turned around towards the elevator.

    "Su Yue."

    Su Yue had taken a few strides when Ming Ansheng called her.

    It was the first time that he had called her by her full name. Su Yue froze and her heartbeat seemed to have stopped.

    She halted her footsteps, too.

    She turned around and glanced at the towering figure. The expression in his eyes carried a tinge of sorrow.

    Su Yues heart seemed to clench tightlyshe almost bolted towards him.

    Her hands tightened its grip on the paper bag and she stood motionless, staring at Ming Ansheng.

    "Ill send you home." Ming Ansheng put the cigarette to his mouth again as he took a deep puff. He blew out thick billows of smoke.

    He flung away the remaining stub of the cigarette into the trash can.

    He straightened his back before walking towards Su Yue.

    Su Yue declined and said, "Its all right. I can go home myself."

    How could she allow him to send her home?

    She shouldnt even be having a meal with him. But she just couldnt control her heart, and thus she relented.

    Ming Ansheng had a shrewd guess regarding Su Yues concern. "Cant I just send you to the main road?" asked Ming Ansheng with a frown.

    Su Yue inhaled deeply and reiterated. "No."

    "Alright." Ming Ansheng nodded.

    Su Yue thought that Ming Ansheng would flare up and leave in a huff.

    He suddenly stretched his hand and snatched the paper bag from her. He was too fast for her. "I want this."

    "Uncle Ming!" Su Yue was livid as she glared at Ming Ansheng. "Dont act in this way."

    Her determination was wavering.

    Su Yues eyes were glistening the next moment.

    Ming Ansheng didnt notice her expression and merely held the paper bag. He turned around and leaned against the pillar once more.

    "I will put it near my bed to remind myself."

    Su Yue was about to leave when Ming Anshengs voice sounded again.

    He was drunk.

    He usually had quite a high tolerance for alcohol. Surprisingly, he became drunk that night.

    He had always been helpless when it comes to Su Yue. He didnt bear to force her to do the things she disliked or to raise his voice at her.

    He had turned around since he didnt want to see her angry. He had recalled how he had forced himself to yell at her, and how she cried and vowed not to see him again.

    Su Yue stood rooted to the spot as she stared at Ming Anshengs back. Her eyes welled up with tears in no time.

    Grandfather Ming will never let an illegitimate daughter whose mother was a mistress, enter the Ming familys doors