Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1255 5

    Chapter 1255 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Seven

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    “Are you a fool?” Ming Ansheng furrowed his eyebrows tightly as he quickly stood up. He strode to Su Yue and gripped her hand to check on her burnt finger.

    Actually, it was just a minor burn. She pulled her hand away really quickly.

    Ming Ansheng had deliberately made a fuss.

    He gripped Su Yue’s hand and refused to let go. Su Yue tried to struggle, but he was way too strong.

    She was frustrated as she said, “Uncle Ming, don’t be like this.”

    Su Yue looked around her surroundings furtively as though she had done something wrong.

    She felt that she and Ming Ansheng were too close and intimate.

    She had hit the headlines a few times before, and strangers recognized her on a couple of occasions when she walked on the streets.

    Someone was bound to recognize her, eventually.

    She really didn’t want to hit the headlines with Ming Ansheng.

    Ming Ansheng watched Su Yue’s rosy and soft cheeks, and he couldn’t resist the urge to wind his hand around her waist. “Yueyue.”

    Ming Ansheng’s embrace had surprised Su Yue. She nudged him. “Uncle Ming, can you stop acting in this way?”

    She shoved Ming Ansheng away with force.

    Ming Ansheng retracted his hand and knew that he had gone overboard. His good-looking face flushed, and he averted his gaze from Su Yue’s face.

    To put it plainly, he was embarrassed.

    “Sorry, I…”

    He wanted to explain, but he had no idea how. Was he supposed to say that he couldn’t control his love and desire for her earlier on?

    Su Yue bowed her head and frowned in disapproval. “Uncle Ming, don’t become a perverted uncle.”

    Ming Ansheng was speechless.

    ‘Perverted uncle…’

    Young Master Ming immediately thought of those old perverted lechers who preyed on young girls on trains and buses.

    He felt so uncomfortable.

    How should he explain to her that he wasn’t a pervert?

    He loved her and he had a strong desire for her indeed.

    Ming Ansheng deliberated for a long time but he didn’t know how to explain to Su Yue.

    All their dishes shortly arrived.

    The waiter neatly placed the dishes on the table. He then said to Ming Ansheng and Su Yue, “Both of you have ordered the DIY couple cups, have you decided on the design you wanted?”

    Su Yue was startled as she glanced at the waiter. She blinked her eyes and spluttered, “Couple… cups?”

    That waiter didn’t mention the fact that it was ‘couple cups’ , and he only said that it was DIY.

    “Yes, couple cups.” The waiter assumed that Su Yue was pleasantly surprised, so he smiled brightly. “It comes with a unique heart-shaped handle and the rim of the cup is heart-shaped, too.”

    Su Yue was speechless…

    Why didn’t the waiter mention that they were ‘couple cups’.

    If she knew that they were ‘couple cups’ , she would have declined.

    Su Yue muttered ‘oh’ gloomily after some time. She turned to glance at Ming Ansheng and said, “Uncle Ming, you can take the cups. I don’t have any design in mind.”

    Ming Ansheng knew that Su Yue was feeling conflicted about the couple cups, so he answered rather gloomily, “Do you think I’m interested in such stuff?”

    Actually, he had already seen the poster outside the restaurant regarding the DIY ‘couple cups’.

    Su Yue’s reaction left him disappointed.

    He didn’t harbor any hopes as she should have the couple cups with her young boyfriend.

    It would never be him.