Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1254 9

    Chapter 1254 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Six

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    Su Yues words had tugged Ming Anshengs heart, and he shook his head firmly. "No, it isnt."

    He stretched his hand to hold Su Yues hand. He gently consoled, "It has nothing to do with you at all. I dont like her and I never will."

    He had a warm and gentle smile.

    It shocked Su Yue. "Dont you love her?"

    If he didnt, why did he get engaged with her? Why did he take wedding photos with her? Then why did he plan to marry her?

    Su Yue was like a piece of blank paper in Ming Anshengs eyes. He could read what was on her mind just by her expressions.

    He laughed softly. "Dont you know that all wealthy families emphasize heavily on social and economic statuses? Thats why the descendants need to look for well-matched spouses through linked marriages."

    Linked marriage? She had come across the term on TV or in a novel. Su Yue nodded to show that she understood.

    So Uncle Ming and Tang Feilings marriage was arranged by their families?

    Uncle Ming didnt like Tang Feiling at all?

    But Tang Feiling seemed to like Uncle Ming very much. If not, she wouldnt Su Yue bent her head in deep thought as she gazed at her chest.

    She appeared gloomy and troubled.

    Ming Ansheng chuckled lightly from the seat across her. "My grandfather used his life to coerce me into accepting this marriage. Do you think I have such low standards by choosing Tang Feiling when even you disliked her?"

    It startled Su Yue.

    Clearly, we have different standards

    She recalled the words she had said to Ming Ansheng before and remarked, "You do have low standards."

    She pouted and bent her head.

    She felt slightly better to know that Uncle Ming didnt like Tang Feiling.

    Ming Anshengs face lit up with a smile when he noticed Su Yue smiling. "This incident is merely an excuse for me to cancel the wedding. I dont intend to marry her at all."

    He didnt know if Su Yue would feel better if he phrased it that way.

    At last, he was able to cancel his engagement with such a revolting woman. But he had to pay such a terrible price

    It was too terrible.

    He had frequent nightmares in the past few nights, of how he had dashed into the warehouse, and seeing Su Yue bleeding from her chest.

    Every time he dreamt or thought of it, it was as though his whole body was shuddering in fear.

    Su Yue blinked and muttered to herself. Her head was still bowed, but she sounded less pessimistic.

    Ming Ansheng watched her and said, "Yueyue, stop hanging your head down. You did nothing wrong. So why must you hang your head in shame?"

    Su Yue didnt dare say that she was afraid of looking at him and that if she did, she would feel guilty.

    So she clammed up and slowly sipped the water to keep herself busy.

    The waiter interrupted them at that moment as he lifted the curtains. He smiled politely at Ming Ansheng and Su Yue. "Ill be setting up the barbecue pit."

    The restaurant specialized in using charcoal to barbecue food in the traditional way, unlike others which used electrical pits.

    It was the first time Su Yue saw it. She stared in fascination as the waiter added the red-hot charcoal into the pit.

    The waiter placed the grill on top and bowed to Su Yue and Ming Ansheng. "Please enjoy your meal."

    The waiter left, and Su Yue stretched her hand towards the grill when Ming Ansheng was unaware.

    "Be careful"

    Ming Ansheng cried out to remind Su Yue, but it was still too late. Su Yues finger had brushed against the grill.

    She hastily retracted her hand and blew on her burnt finger to ease the pain.