Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1253 4

    Chapter 1253 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Five

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    Bai Jing was right. She would constantly miss the person if she didnt see him. But when she was with him, she wouldnt dare to look at him. And her heart would beat erratically as well.

    Everything was just as what Bai Jing had described.

    She really fell in love with Uncle Ming, and she was still in love with him.

    "Youve grown up." Ming Ansheng chuckled in amusement.

    In the past, she was an unabashed and naive girl who never felt embarrassed easily. She was ignorant of worldly affairs.

    It made him feel that he needed to protect her.

    Although he still had the desire to protect her, his intentions were no longer pure. At times, he would envision her to be a frail and demure woman in his arms.

    Youve grown upThese words didnt affect Su Yue at all. She pouted and bowed her head to take a sip of water.

    She avoided looking at Ming Anshengs face. Her eyes darted to the sides.

    "Tell me. What kind of person is he?" Ming Ansheng hoped that she could talk to him like before. He just wanted to have a casual conversation with Su Yue as an elder or brother.

    He merely wanted to listen to her voice.

    They had met by chance today and these encounters might not happen again.


    Su Yue was too nervous to comprehend his words. She stared at him blankly before she thought of Jiao Chen.

    She realized that Ming Ansheng was referring to Jiao Chen.

    She replied casually, "Jiaojiao is very good to me, and he is a nice guy."

    It was the truth, but she didnt dare to look into Ming Anshengs eyes.

    Su Yue decided not to let Ming Ansheng speak, so she cut across, "Uncle Ming."

    She had mustered all her courage, and it was obvious that she wanted to ask or express her thoughts.

    Ming Ansheng had a shrewd hunch that she had questions or doubtsand these were bugging her.

    After a moment of deliberation, he raised his eyebrows. "Huh?"

    Su Yue asked, "Will you still marry Tang Feiling?"

    She nervously gripped her fingers as her heart raced.

    Su Yues eyes were sparkling and Ming Ansheng gazed intently into her eyes. Why would she ask this? What was she thinking?

    As he gazed at her, his heart involuntarily lurched.

    He thought he saw anticipation but after careful contemplation, he decided that he must have seen wrongly.

    How was this possible? What was she expecting? She wasnt in love with him and they had so many obstacles in between them. There was nothing to expect.

    Ming Ansheng bowed his head as he smirked. He shook his head lightly. "I wont."

    "But why? Is is it" Su Yue widened her eyes as she stared at Ming Ansheng in disbelief.

    She bowed and spoke reproachfully, "Is it because of me?"

    Did she break up their marriage?

    Youre just like your mother, born to be a mistress

    Youre a mistress. Your mother may have succeeded in ruining someones marriage but I will not let you destroy my marriage with Ming Ansheng

    Tang Feilings words ranged like a curse in Su Yues earstormenting her mercilessly.

    Her grip on the cup water tightened as she waited for him to answer.

    Ming Ansheng watched her every movement, and he finally understood Su Yues worries and the reason she looked so guilty and nervous.