Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1252

    Chapter 1252 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Four

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    Although being with Yan Rusheng and Xuxu had made Su Yue feel as though she was in the limelight, being with Ming Ansheng was entirely different.

    Ming Ansheng seemed to be the domineering and overbearing handsome male character in a novel.

    Of course, she had made it all up in her mind.

    The waiter led Ming Ansheng and Su Yue to their seats. Their seats at a corner were surrounded by vintage-looking curtains with pearls.

    They sat across each other.

    The waiter passed them the menu. Su Yue randomly chose a few dishes before she passed it to Ming Ansheng.

    "Well take the specialty chicken wings too," Ming Ansheng simply instructed the waiter before flipping the menu.

    He then ordered a few more.

    The waiter received the menu and politely spoke, "We have a special Christmas event. We are giving away two DIY cups if you order the fruit juice."

    "DIY?" blurted Su Yue as she couldnt contain her curiosity.

    The waiter flipped the menu to the last page, which contained illustrations of the special event and gifts.

    The waiter pointed to the pictures and expounded, "The cups are in the same shape and you can choose any photos you want. The DIY cups will be ready immediately."

    The porcelain cups were white with a heart-shaped handle, and it came in various designs.

    Su Yue looked pretty interested in the cups.

    After all, young girls like her would naturally be interested.

    Ming Ansheng stretched his hand to pour water for Su Yue. He noticed her expression, and a warm, affectionate smile played at the corners of his mouth.

    He glanced at the waiter and said, "Give us a set."

    "Sure." The waiter smiled and pressed on, "Please inform us of the design you want when the food is served."

    Ming Ansheng nodded lightly.

    The waiter turned around and left.

    Ming Ansheng and Su Yue were left alone in the corner. Su Yue sat across, looking awkward and nervous. She then bowed her head.

    Ming Ansheng indiscreetly gazed at her. It was such a rare occasion that he was alone with her.

    "Yueyue, does your wound still hurt?"

    He blurted out to break the silence.

    "Nope." Su Yue shook her head. She was afraid that Ming Ansheng might not believe her and might request to check her wound. She reiterated firmly once more. "Its really not painful at all."

    She nervously tightened her grip on the cup of water.

    Ming Ansheng observed Su Yue actions in silence as he propped his hand against his cheek. He took a sip of water as he watched her.

    Su Yue looked so adorable when she was nervous. He grinned and said, "Feeling pressured?"

    Su Yue instinctively looked up, looking confused. "Huh?"

    Ming Ansheng grinned. "To be liked by an old guy must be embarrassing for you. Do you feel pressured?"

    "No no, its not!" Su Yue shook her head violently. She spluttered, "No, thats not true! Its not embarrassing."

    She was too nervous to speak coherently.

    Ming Ansheng saw that her face was crimson, and he couldnt resist the urge to tease her. "Yueyue, youve changed."

    "How have I changed?" Su Yue glanced at Ming Ansheng as she blinked, looking puzzled.

    Her heart pounded furiously as her eyes met his.

    She hurriedly averted her gaze.