Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1251

    Chapter 1251 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Three

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    He coldly glanced at the guard and instructed, "Hurry and get a new outfit for this gentleman over here."

    "Yes, right away." The security guard didnt dare to dawdle and nodded vigorously. He turned around to the man and said, "Mister, allow me to lead the way."

    Although it wasnt an exclusive or posh shopping mall, the clothes would definitely cost at least a few thousand yuan. So, the man, who was in a fit of rage earlier on, simmered down.

    Su Yue peeked her head timidly from Ming Anshengs back as she looked at them walking away.

    "Lets go." Ming Ansheng bent his head and glanced at Su Yue.

    Su Yue took a step forward and tilted her head. She looked at Ming Ansheng, looking surprised. "Uncle Ming, does this mall belong to your family, too?"

    Ming Ansheng frowned and replied, "Didnt you know this is Yifengs factory retail outlet mall?"

    "Oh." Su Yue pouted in response.

    How would she know that this factory retail outlet mall belonged to Yifeng? She had assumed that it was simply the name of an ordinary shopping mall.

    Ming Ansheng knew that Su Yue didnt completely understand him. So he explained, "A factory retail outlet mall means that the mall carries discounted items of various brands."

    Su Yue muttered under her breath and said rather gloomily, "Bai Jing wanted to come here. I wasnt the one who suggested this mall."

    She hoped that he wouldnt assume that she came here on purpose.

    Ming Ansheng chuckled and said, "There is no need to explain. I know you wouldnt come here on purpose."

    Su Yue turned red when he read her mind.

    Ming Ansheng had an urge to pinch Su Yues rosy cheeks. If only he could reverse time, he could still do that.

    He would definitely have pinched her cheeks without a second thought.

    But now, the relationship between them had turned complicated.

    He had finally understood why Wen Xuxu had refused to confess her love for Yan Rusheng after all those years.

    It involved risks and if it wasnt successful, things would never be the same again.

    They were headed in different directions and they could never go back to how they were in the past. She would never hug nor whine to him ever again.

    Su Yue swiftly strode past Ming Ansheng.

    She nervously clenched her clothes. She knew that she needed to stop being in contact with him, even if it was just a brief conversation.

    However this was a chance encounter. She couldnt bear to leave like this.

    Sometimes, although it was the wrong path, one would still choose to tread on it.

    "There is a barbecue restaurant here that serves good chicken wings." Ming Ansheng strolled after Su Yue.

    Su Yue peered at her feet in silence.

    Ming Ansheng hastened his footsteps and caught her elbow. "Yueyue, this is the place."

    He gestured to a barbecue restaurant.

    Su Yue didnt resist and followed him obediently inside.

    Although it was past lunchtime, the restaurant was still relatively crowded. Ming Ansheng scanned the surroundings before calling for a waiter. "Is there a private room?"

    "We dont, but we have corner seats," the waiter replied with a smile.

    The waiter received a shock the second he recognized his face. He hastily pressed on, "Please follow me."

    Yifeng had just celebrated their anniversary and Ming Ansheng was the President of Bright Vision. Who wouldnt know him?