Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1250

    Chapter 1250 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part Two

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    Ming Ansheng swiftly stepped out when the escalator reached the designated floor.

    Su Yue trailed slowly behind Ming Ansheng with her head bowed. She was afraid that she won’t be able to avert her gaze from his face.

    “Have you eaten?” Ming Ansheng halted his footsteps as he glanced at Su Yue.

    Su Yue didn’t answer.

    She was supposed to eat with Bai Jing.

    But Bai Jing hadn’t appeared yet.

    “Let us…” Ming Ansheng paused for a fraction of a second before pressing on. “Let’s have lunch together.”

    Su Yue refused and said, “No, it’s all right. Bai Jing is coming and I’m supposed to eat with her.”

    Her phone rang at this moment.

    She fumbled for her phone in her bag. Bai Jing was on the other line and she answered, “Why aren’t you here yet?”


    Su Yue hung up, and she pursed her lips.

    Ming Ansheng stood before her and he could hear their entire conversation. However, he feigned ignorance and asked her on purpose. “Why?”

    A sly smile flitted across his face for he was obviously gloating.

    Su Yue muttered, “She had something urgent to attend to.”

    She was disappointed that Bai Jing couldn’t make it. She had waited for such a long time earlier on. She should have informed her earlier.

    Then she wouldn’t have to bump into him.

    “In that case… let’s eat together.”

    Ming Ansheng didn’t give Su Yue a chance to decline and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards the elevator.

    Su Yue wanted to pull her hand from his grip, but he held on too tightly.

    Ming Ansheng relinquished his grip after they entered the elevator. He stared at her intently and said, “Su Yue, you said it yourself. I will still be your Uncle Ming.”

    If only she could go back to how she used to be—acting like a child, depending on him and trusting him wholeheartedly.

    Su Yue didn’t answer.

    Ming Ansheng grabbed her hand once more when the elevator door opened. “What do you want to eat?”

    “Let go of me.”

    Su Yue felt that it wasn’t appropriate for them to be spotted so intimately in public. Besides that, she was still together with Jiao Chen.

    Ming Ansheng didn’t want to attract any attention, so he let go of her hand.

    “It’s her!”

    They had barely taken a few steps when someone pointed dramatically at Su Yue. “She was the one who threw the cup of bubble tea!”

    Su Yue raised her head and turned towards the direction of the yells. The security guard was beside a man and a woman wearing a pink coat. They were headed in their direction.

    They seemed intimidating.

    Instinctively, she tried to hide behind Ming Ansheng again.

    She wanted to avoid them since she didn’t feel like explaining or apologizing to them.

    The security guard came to her and said, “Miss, someone saw you throwing the bubble tea at this guy.”

    “Is that so?” Ming Ansheng darted forward and shielded Su Yue completely.

    He peered at the guard. “Where is the person? How did he witness the entire accident?”

    The security guard focused on Su Yue that he didn’t notice the towering figure standing beside her.

    Now that Ming Ansheng had stepped forward, the expression on the guard’s face froze. “President… President Ming.”

    Ming Ansheng’s eyes trailed to the man splashed with the bubble tea. He smiled and said, “I’m terribly sorry for this accident that happened here in our mall.”