Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1249

    Chapter 1249 Su Yue And Ming Ansheng Together Part One

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    She stood up and left.

    It isnt embarrassing to admit you like someone

    Su Yue smiled helplessly to herself. Third sister-in-law had no idea that she was in love with a man who had a fiance.

    And he was eight years older than her.

    He was Third Brothers close friend.

    Su Yues wound was healing well after staying at home to recuperate for a week. The pain was bearable except for some itchiness at night.

    Jiao Chen was really busy these few days. But he still took the time to call her every night to check on her recovery.

    Their interaction seemed like they were good friends. Su Yue felt contented and she liked it.

    It was the weekend and as Christmas drew near, Christmas trees could be seen everywhere. The streets were littered with shoppers, too.

    Su Yue and Bai Jing had fixed a time to go shopping together.

    There was a massive Christmas tree in the middle of a shopping mall atrium. Colorful and twinkling lights decorated the tree, and every shop had a small Santa Claus outside the entrance.

    Su Yue was standing on level five and peering at the crowd below.

    Bai Jing hadnt reached yet, so she stood there waiting for her with a cup of warm bubble tea.

    Su Yue stood there in a gaze, staring at the crowd and lost in her own thoughts.

    Suddenly the cup slipped out from her fingers when she unconsciously loosened her grip.

    As expected, the drink splashed someone in the crowd.

    That person yelled out presumably in shock as his eyes wandered upwards, looking for the culprit.

    Su Yue hastily squatted down, afraid of being noticed. She moved stealthily back.

    After retracing her steps, she bumped into an obstacle. It felt like a persons leg.

    Oh no, did that person find her so soon?

    Su Yue hung her head in guilt.

    The man had his hands deep in his pockets as he gazed at Su Yue. He had a warm and affectionate smile on his face.

    His secretary hurriedly scuttled towards him and was about to speak when the man glanced at him. The secretary understood the mans intention and immediately clammed up.


    A familiar and pleasant voice sounded above Su Yue. She blinked, unable to believe her ears.

    Was it a hallucination?

    Why did she hear Uncle Mings voice?

    "If you carry on squatting here, Im sure they will easily spot you."

    The mans voice sounded again and Su Yue raised her head. Her eyes met the mans eyeswhich resembled black jadeand her heart skipped a beat.

    "Uncle Ming, you"

    "Lets go."

    Su Yue didnt finish her sentence when Ming Ansheng bent to hold her hand. He pulled her up and led her towards the elevator.

    Confusion and astonishment were clearly etched on Su Yues face. She glanced at Ming Anshengs face, and her heartbeat was racing rapidly like their footsteps.

    Ming Ansheng held Su Yues hand as they walked to the escalator. They could see the victim drenched in bubble tea on the escalator across them. He seemed to yell at the mall security guard.

    Su Yue hung her head and hid behind Ming Ansheng by instinct.

    Ming Ansheng glanced askew at her and grinned. "How is your wound?"

    Su Yue nodded and muttered, "Ive recovered."

    She didnt dare to look at Ming Ansheng and pulled her hand away from his grip.

    Ming Anshengs hand and heart suddenly felt empty when Su Yue pulled her hand away.

    After a fleeting moment, he put on a smile once more. "Why are you alone?"

    Su Yue softly spoke, "Im meeting Bai Jing, but she isnt here yet."