Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1248

    Chapter 1248 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Fourteen

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    Jiao Chen didnt reply to her text, so she placed her phone on the coffee table. She then settled herself comfortably on the couch.

    She had come down without washing up, so naturally, her hair was in a mess. She sat on the couch cross-legged, deep in thought.

    I miss you. So I had to come

    She was touched when Jiaojiao said that

    No, no, no. Not just because of what he had said. It was from the moment she saw him standing outside the gates.

    Her heart was beating so quickly.

    Was that love?

    But it was different from how she felt towards Uncle Ming.

    But didnt it prove that she had some feelings towards Jiao Chen?

    Although it wasnt that intense and perhaps her love for him hadnt developed to that stage.

    Soon it will be, as long as she put in more effort. She could forget about Uncle Ming and fall in love with Jiao Chen.

    "Why are you sitting here, staring into space?"

    Xuxus voice interrupted Su Yues thoughts. She glanced at Xuxu with a smile. "Third sister-in-law."

    Xuxu was holding a glass of water as she glanced at Su Yue. "Since Jiao Chen came last night, why didnt you ask him to stay over?"

    Su Yue smiled but didnt answer her question. "Third sister-in-law, after you fell in love with Third Brother, did you like anyone else?"

    "Huh?" It startled Xuxu.

    A man was walking gracefully towards the living room when he overheard their conversation. He halted his footsteps and hastily hid behind a huge vase.

    He had always believed that he was the only person in Xuxus heart from her awakening of love. But instinctively, he still wanted to hide in a corner to eavesdrop.

    A sly gleam twinkled in Xuxus eyes and she bent to sit beside Su Yue. She nodded slowly and said, "Of course I did. How can I only like one guy in my entire life?"

    She sounded so nonchalant and casual.

    It infuriated the man hiding behind the vase.

    The man clenched his teeth, trying to suppress his anger.Did she like someone else? Who!? Jiang Zhuoheng?

    No, he didnt believe it!

    Su Yue stared at Xuxu, looking shocked. "But you said that you were in love with Third Brother for over ten years?"

    Xuxu agreed with her statement and expounded, "I liked him for over ten years indeed. But I have decided to love someone else, but he clung onto me. I thought you knew?"

    The man behind the vase was dumbfounded.

    Yes, he was thick-faced and shameless to cling onto her.

    Then he shall cling on to her more tightly in the future!

    "So its really possible to fall in love with someone else?" Su Yue stared intently at Xuxu with her innocent-looking huge eyes.

    It was indeed possible to fall in love with another person and to have a change of heart

    She should be happy to get this answer, but she wasnt.

    It thoroughly confused Su Yue, and she hugged her knees tightly. She propped her chin on her knees as she stared into the distance.

    Xuxu knew that the reason Yueyue was feeling confused and conflicted. She struggled and hesitated before blurting out. "Yueyue, it isnt embarrassing to admit that you like someone."

    She grabbed Su Yues hand and whispered, "Your brother, Third Brother and I only want you to be happy and blissful. All we want is for you to have a simple life."

    She had so much to tell her but she knew that it wasnt the right time yet.

    She decided to talk to her about it some other time.

    Xuxu patted Su Yues shoulders and said, "I will have my breakfast. Go and wash up first."