Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1247 1

    Chapter 1247 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Thirteen

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    It puzzled Xuxu to see that the living room was still lit as she walked to the landing of the staircase. She was pleasantly surprised to see Jiao Chen.

    Initially, she thought it was an illusion. She rubbed her eyes, but Jiao Chen was still there.

    Then her gaze moved to Su Yue, who sat beside him.

    It was late at night, and this young couple was watching a horror thriller. Everything seemed perfect.

    Xuxu gazed at Su Yue and Jiao Chen with a dreamy smile.

    Ah Sheng had never watched a horror movie with her before

    Just like how Su Yue and Jiao Chen were now. Su Yue snuggled closer to Jiao Chen whenever a scary scene flashed.

    Xuxu envisioned a scene like that in her mind, and she was yearning for it to happen in real life.

    Whenever she saw Su Yue and Jiao Chen together, she would see those lost times and regrets. She and Yan Rusheng should have spent those wonderful years in university together.

    After a long time, Xuxu snapped out of her daze. She glanced at the cup in her hand and smiled to herself, before treading back to her room.

    She didnt know if Jiaojiao was the destined one for Su Yue. But she just knew that he wouldnt make Su Yue cry.

    It was an instinct!

    Su Yue woke up the next morning in her bed. She stretched herself before sitting upright.

    She blinked several times as she thought of something.

    Yesterday did Jiaojiao come last night?

    She remembered that they watched TV together. But why couldnt she recall anything after that?

    Was it a dream?

    Su Yue flung her blanket away and she peered around her bed, bedside drawers, trying to look for her phone.

    She strode across the room and opened the door. She bumped into Mu Li who had just left Xuxus room.

    Su Yue called her, "Second Aunt."

    Mu Li turned towards Su Yue. "Whats wrong?"

    "Last night" Su Yue wasnt sure if she was dreaming yesterday. She pondered for a moment before mumbling softly, "Did anyone come to our house last night?"

    It cant be a dream. Why would a dream be so vivid?

    But she couldnt understand why she would sleep alone in her room.

    Mu Li shook her head. "No one."

    "No one?" Su Yue frowned, looking confused. Was she really dreaming? She looked rather crestfallen.

    Mu Li pressed on quickly. "Last night, a super handsome guy came."

    Her eyes were twinkling playfully, and she could hardly conceal her grin.

    Super handsome guy?Su Yue was momentarily stumped before she realized that Mu Li was teasing her. "Second Aunt! Youre so bad!"

    She pressed on, "Where is he?"

    Mu Li certainly knew who the person Su Yue was referring to. "He went back last night."

    "Huh?" Su Yue was wondering why he went back so late at night.

    Mu Li answered, "You slept like a pig and didnt even bother about him. Obviously, he left since you didnt invite him."

    Su Yue responded guiltily with a curtoh.She bowed her head in silence.

    She went downstairs and spotted her phone on the coffee table. There was a text from Jiao Chen.

    After some serious thought, I should have carried you and sell you away. Since you wouldnt even know whats happening. Im already in class.

    He sent the text this morning.

    Su Yue was speechless.

    She really slept like a pig indeed. How could she not wake up when Jiaojiao carried her up?

    He left so late last night, and he woke up at 7 a.m. Did he even sleep?

    Su Yue replied quickly,Go back to the dormitory and sleep after class.