Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1246 5

    Chapter 1246 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Twelve

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    She should be hugging Jiao Chen but she halted her footsteps as she stood before him. She was still pressing her phone to her ear.

    She raised her head and peered at Jiao Chen. "Why did you come here?"

    Jiao Chen had his phone pressed against his ear as well. He bent his head to gaze at her and softly replied, "I miss you. So I had to come."

    Su Yue ended the call and clenched her fists. She then punched Jiao Chen lightly on his chest. "Its so far. Are you an idiot?"

    It was a two-hour journey from school to her house in the day. If there was no traffic at night, he would still need to take one and a half hours.

    After chiding him, Su Yue caught a glimpse of a black car by the roadside. "Did you borrow the car from your friend again?"

    Previously, Jiao Chen drove a Mercedes and gave Su Yue a bouquet to cease the rumors. She questioned him about the car when she found out.

    He claimed that he borrowed it from a friend.

    So this time around, Su Yue naturally assumed that he had borrowed the car from his friend again.

    Jiao Chen pressed his lips and didnt respond to Su Yues question. Instead, he lifted his eyebrows and asked, "So will I be able to enter and get a glass of warm water?"

    "Come in quickly." Su Yue stretched her hand and grabbed Jiao Chens arm. She led him into the courtyard.

    Jiao Chen threw a casual glance at the luxurious mansion, looking rather nonchalant.

    Su Yue pulled Jiao Chen all the way into the house.

    She switched on the lights in the living room. Instantly, the living room became sparkling and luxurious.

    "Wear this." Su Yue brought out a pair of slippers for Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen had a pair of white Nike shoes on his feet. He wore a light white shirt with a black jacket over it, paired with a pair of smoky gray trousers.

    "You didnt wear enough clothes," Su Yue lectured him once more after she scrutinized his clothes.

    Jiao Chen merely smiled as he changed into the pair of slippers.

    Su Yue led him to the couch before she walked to the dining room. She came out with a glass of warm water.

    "There." Su Yue passed the glass to Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen received the glass of warm water and smiled at Su Yue. "Im honored."

    Su Yue was perplexed. "Huh?"

    He was honored? Why was he honored?

    Jiao Chen grinned but he didnt answer. He took a sip as he gazed at the glass of water. A mysterious smile appeared on his face.

    "Jiaojiao, lets watch TV." Su Yue sat down and turned on the TV.

    It was Friday so many TV stations were broadcasting variety programs. However, most of the programs were ending.

    Su Yue decided to opt for a drama instead. When she was at the hospital, the drama she was hooked on was an overseas series about revenge.

    The first scene was bloody and grotesque.

    Most girls would be disgusted by this scene but Su Yue was completely immersed as she waited for the story to unfold.

    "I really hate her sister, that vicious woman."

    "And that scum who cheated on his wife."

    The female character appeared disheveled and battered. It made Su Yue upset.

    Jiao Chen had accompanied Su Yue as she watched three episodes, and he was already used to her grumbling and commenting as she watched.

    He slumped comfortably on the couch, gazing at the screen. He merely chuckled whenever he heard Su Yue venting out her anger.

    Xuxu was used to waking up several times at night to feed the twins. She felt thirsty so she woke up and went down the stairs to get a glass of water.