Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1245 5

    Chapter 1245 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Eleven

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    Su Yue replied,We are going there for Christmas.

    After she replied, she locked the screen and cast her phone aside. She decided not to use her phone anymore.

    She pulled the blanket over her head.

    Under the blanket, she closed her eyes and forced herself not to let her thoughts run wild.

    She counted quietly in her heart.One two three

    She wanted to stop herself from missing the person she shouldnt be thinking of at all.


    Oh no. She didnt contact Jiaojiao today.

    Su Yue flung her blanket away as she fumbled for her phone. She typed a text swiftly.

    Jiaojiao, are you asleep?

    It was only half-past nine, he should probably be awake.

    As expected, Jiao Chen replied in no time.Im still awake. Why arent you asleep?

    Su Yue typed,I cant fall asleep since I slept too much in the day.

    Jiao Chen typed,Are you a pig?

    Su Yue replied,You are a pig, not me! What are you doing?

    Jiao Chen typed,Im preparing for the class tomorrow. You?

    Su Yue typed,Chatting with you.

    Without waiting for Jiao Chen to reply, she typed,Jiaojiao, did you miss me today?

    Su Yue didnt receive Jiao Chens reply, despite waiting for quite some time. Gradually, Su Yue dozed off.

    After some time, she opened her eyes. The lights in her room were still switched on. She was getting sleepy, so she turned off the lights.

    She accidentally pressed her phone and the screen lit up. It was almost midnight.

    It surprised Su Yue that she had slept for two hours. It felt like she had merely closed her eyes.

    She saw a text from Jiao Chen.

    Come out. Im outside your house.

    The text was sent 20 minutes ago.

    Su Yues sleepiness promptly vanished as she widened her eyes in shock. She read Jiao Chens text again, still in disbelief.

    Come out. Im outside your house

    Her house? Su Yue snapped out of her daze and dialed Jiao Chens number.

    After a few rings, Jiao Chen answered in his usual gentle and pleasant voice.

    His voice sounded rather nasal and Su Yue gripped her phone tightly. She asked apprehensively, "You are outside my house? My third sister-in-laws house?"

    Even until now, she didnt think it was her house. It really didnt belong to her.

    All the servants addressed her as either Little Mistress or Little Miss, but she didnt feel like she was one mistress in the family.

    So she was doubtful when Jiao Chen said that he was waiting outside her house.

    Su Yans apartment seemed more comfortable and relaxed as compared to this house.

    Jiao Chen responded curtly with aYes.

    "Wait for me!"

    Su Yue got off her bed with her phone. She dashed to the door after slipping into her bedroom slippers. She hurried down the stairs.

    The living room was empty and dimly lit.

    Su Yue ran to the main doors and opened it.


    She ran to the courtyard and peered beyond the iron gates.

    A towering figure was standing by the roadside. Jiao Chen was holding his phone, and the weak light from his phone illuminated his gorgeous face.

    Su Yue really felt like crying at that moment.

    She had no idea why, but her eyes were glistening.

    She pressed a button at the side to open the gates before sprinting towards him.