Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1244

    Chapter 1244 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Ten

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    Yan Rusheng walked to her bed and passed a bowl to Xuxu. "Its still warm, hurry and eat them."

    "Why would Aunt Zhang cook rice balls at this hour?" Xuxu glanced at him with a puzzled expression. She extended her hands to receive the bowl.

    She sniffed the bowl and furrowed her eyebrows. "Why do I smell alcohol?"

    "Its sweet fermented rice wine rice balls," Yan Rusheng replied as he took a mouthful.

    Sweet fermented rice wine rice balls?Xuxu took a sip of the soup. It tasted really sweet indeed!


    She frowned, looking wary. "But the sweet fermented rice wine rice balls Ive eaten before doesnt smell so strongly of alcohol."

    Yan Rusheng stood against the wardrobe as he lazily answered, "You can ask Aunt Zhang." He took another mouthful of soup as he eyed Xuxu.

    "Oh" Xuxu didnt bother to mull over this and began to eat the rice balls too.

    It was tasty and sweet. She finished the entire bowl and even drank all the soup.

    She flung the blanket off after she finished eating.

    Yan Rusheng asked, "Where are you going to?"

    "Ill bring the bowl downstairs," Xuxu replied as she glanced at Yan Rushengs bowl. He still had half a bowl left, so she hurried him. "Finish it quickly, Ill bring it down together."

    "Wife, I should be the one doing this." Young Master Yan flashed a gentle smile at Xuxu as he took her bowl from her.

    Xuxu didnt read too much into his actions and sat down on her bed once more.

    Suddenly she felt that her entire world seemed spinning.

    She leaned against the head of the bed. Her giddiness seemed to be intensified.

    She remembered feeling like this before.

    Yan Rusheng came up from the staircase and walked into the room. He gazed at the woman whose face was flushed. A sly gleam flashed across his eyes.

    He strode over to the bed and whispered, "Wife, why is your face so red?"

    Xuxu pressed her palm against her forehead. "I I think Im drunk."

    Her tolerance for alcohol was really getting worse. To think she would get drunk just by eating fermented rice wine.

    She was really drunk.

    "Its good that you are drunk," Yan Rusheng muttered as the corners of his lips maliciously curled up.


    Xuxu could tell that Yan Rusheng was acting strangely even though she was tipsy. She glared at him as she tried to speak.

    But Yan Rusheng interrupted her. "Yes, youre right!"

    He lifted Xuxu off the bed and placed her against the wall. "Stupid woman, lets see how long you can endure."

    He kissed her rosy lips, which he had been yearning for the entire night.

    He nimbly removed all her clothes within seconds. He held her waist with a hand while the other lifted one of her legs, and then he entered her.

    Su Yue laid on her bed, completely wide awake.

    She didnt get to sleep well for the past few nights.

    She tossed and turned in bed as she stared at her phone.

    Only Zhou Shuang was updating her WeChat with some photos of food.

    After refreshing the app, Zhou Shuang updated with another photo. Because of the time difference, it was morning over there.

    The weather seemed perfect.

    Su Yue replied to Zhou Shuangs photo,Sister Hooligan, Im going with Third sister-in-law next month to visit you.

    Zhou Shuang replied instantly,Great! Bring some local products for me.

    Su Yue typed,Is it fun in Country M?

    Zhou Shuang replied,Of course! Christmas is coming and its getting more bustling and crowded.