Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1242 1

    Chapter 1242 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Eight

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    He rose and straightened his back.

    Xuxu was wearing silk pajamas, and she wasn’t wearing any undergarments beneath it since she had planned to hit the sack. Her breasts had increased considerably in size after giving birth.

    Yan Rusheng watched her and he swallowed his saliva.

    He walked to Xuxu and stretched his hands to embrace her. The next second, his lips crushed against hers.

    The series of actions was too swift and seamless. Xuxu had no chance to escape as she pressed her palms against Yan Rusheng’s chest.

    There was no way she could stop him from getting his way.

    “Wife, I want you right now.” Yan Rusheng’s kisses trailed to Xuxu’s neck and his warm breath was all over Xuxu’s skin. It seemed to hypnotize Xuxu as she felt numb.

    Her body felt so weak and frail with his touch that she didn’t have any strength to resist.

    Yan Rusheng eagerly ripped Xuxu’s pajamas apart and bit her neck.

    His touch and kisses had made Xuxu shudder, she bit her lips in silence. Yan Rusheng’s body seemed under fire when he looked at her.

    “Do you want me? Huh?”

    Yan Rusheng’s lips moved to Xuxu’s ears. His warm breath made her skin tingle.

    Couldn’t he see that she wanted him, too?

    His question had vexed Xuxu, and she became bashful. She caught him unaware, so she shoved him away. “Yan Rusheng, go take a shower.”

    She said as she adjusted her clothes.

    “Okay.” Yan Rusheng swiftly darted towards her once more.

    Xuxu wanted to dodge him, but he had already caught her hands.

    Yan Rusheng gripped her hands tightly and raised them up to his shirt. The corners of his mouth curled into a devilish and sly grin. His rosy lips were so mesmerizing.

    He was so seductive and desirable.

    “Help me to undress.”

    Yan Rusheng’s deep eyes had captivated Xuxu, and she seemed to have lost her soul. She couldn’t resist the temptation that her hands began to unbutton his shirt obediently.

    Yan Rusheng caressed Xuxu’s waist, thoroughly enjoying the process of his loved one undressing him.

    He was patiently admiring Xuxu as she turned red.

    “Alright. Go and shower.” After Xuxu finished unbuttoning his shirt, she punched his hard chest lightly with her fists.

    But her urges sounded more like coquettish pouting.

    “Huh?” Yan Rusheng suddenly grabbed Xuxu’s hand and placed it on his belt. “You forgot something?”

    All of Xuxu’s blood seemed to have gone to her face in an instant. She raised her head to glare at the man who had teased her on purpose. “Yan Rusheng, don’t go overboard.”

    Yan Rusheng was pleased to see Xuxu furious. He chortled.

    He then grabbed her hand and moved it downward. “Wife, touch me there.”

    Instantly, panic and shock assailed Xuxu.

    Yan Rusheng saw her reaction and was satisfied. He inched nearer to her, “Do you feel good? I’ll make sure you feel great later.”

    He relinquished his grip on Xuxu’s hands and strode towards the bathroom.

    Yan Rusheng’s seductive and lewd words made Xuxu blush crimson all over.

    ‘He really is being a hooligan! A scum!’

    ‘Oh dear… so embarrassing!’

    It had been a long time since he enjoyed some time alone with Xuxu. Yan Rusheng took a quick shower and used a towel to cover his lower part of his body before he had stepped out of the bathroom.

    He was barefooted.

    “Wife,” he spoke before stepping forward.

    He peered around and was shocked to see the woman sitting on their bed.

    “Why are you so energetic?” Madam Mu Li frowned as she eyed him, looking wary.